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    I know that the economy has hurt a lot of us. recently my husband and I lost healthcare through the state program because he is working a bit. He is far from earning enough for us to pay for medical care, but we have more than nothing. that is good, of course.

    I have started going through the programs for assistance from the drug companies and thought I would remind others that there IS help if you have no insurance. You need your income tax and you also need the right forms and to have your doctor sign them and do some other paperwork.

    You can learn more from . this is across the US (the info is only for those living in the US, though other countries may have similar programs) and has info on ALL of the assistance programs from ALL the drug companies. it is a 1 stop shop so you don't have to go look up the website for every medication you are taking.

    A couple of years ago I posted about a wonderful thing called a lidoderm patch. It is a 4" by 6" patch of lidocaine that is very useful for many types of pain. these patches are super expensive but very much worth it. You can use up to 3 patches in a 24 hour period but they are on for 12 hours and off for 12 hours. I stockpiled them when we had an insurance co that covered them at a very low cost. A box of 30 patches costs $230 and you could use up to 3 boxes a month (OuCH!) They are worth that price for the relief they give, esp because it does not make you high or unsafe to do most jobs.

    Many people told me they would like to use them but they were not able to afford them. Now they are on the Assistance Program through!!!!!

    I can't remember who all liked them when we had this discussion, so i figured posting here about them would get to all who are interested. If you have any type of chronic pain problem, or have frequent sports injuries or sprains or whatever, these are amazing for those. Ask Star, she and her mom were amazed by them!

    I hope this helps someone!