Meeting went well.

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  1. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    Apparently the school was looking for that million dollar answer.

    How do they deal with the tantrums? How do they punish the threats he makes when in the midst of a total meltdown? Are the threats in the midst of a meltdown part of his disorder? Is his sleeping part of his disorder? What is his diagnosis - does he really fit bipolar, etc, etc, etc?

    And the doctor told them all the same things I have.

    So, as unproductive as it really was, in the scheme of things, the doctor backed me 100% of the way.

    And St2, I am getting him re-evaluated. I, too, am still looking for answers. I don't think yet we really know what we're dealing with, so I will drag him to more docs to see if we can find out?

    Pretty Boy kept hanging onto the threats, etc, and I probably screwed up by telling them that when difficult child has been aggressive and hurt things, his targets have been small animals, and he is very different when he is like that - it is not a sudden change to a dark side or something you don't see coming or a flip-flop in the midst of a meltdown. His entire demeanor is different and he even physically looks different. My intent was to tell them that it won't sneak up on them, despite his big "I'll kill ya" talk, but to say you can see it coming. But I think it just scared them. Oh well, I tried.

    Oh, and they wanted to be sure the doctor was aware that he has sleep issues, that he eats things that aren't food, and that he's making threats, etc. Uh yeah, she knew.
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  2. trinityroyal

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    Glad to hear that the meeting went well, and that the DevPad backed you up on everything you've been explaining to them all along.

    Honestly. If it were that simple, we'd all have given our children the little magic pill that makes all of their challenges go away.
  3. DammitJanet

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    Good grief school district...if we knew all that, we would fix it!
  4. AnnieO

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    Can you imagine... If there were a magic wand or magic pill... The person who created it... Would be extremely rich.

    I wonder that Pretty Boy can't see that he is a difficult child himself.

    I'm glad DevPed backed you up. Now the school knows, at least, that there really is a medical issue here.

    Good luck, though. I am hoping this helps difficult child!
  5. totoro

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    I am glad the doctor backed you.

    Maybe you should give them a copy of the Wrightslaw article?
    Well at least he is doing well right now, even though you are having to shadow him.
    Hopefully next year you and difficult child can start with a clean slate.
  6. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    The district has hired a sped consultant and autism specialist. Even tho difficult child doesn't carry the autism diagnosis right now, she saw the traits that we all talk about. She is the one who just finished the functional behavior assessment, also, and tho I haven't seen that report, I have heard bits and pieces of it. She's got some good ideas, and she asked a lot of questions this morning, most of which the answer to was "avoid the meltdown before it happens" and I think she got it. She eventually said that difficult child is bright - so her plan for him will be to avoid meltdowns, even if it means there are no academic requests for a while. Get him out of the habit of tantruming at school before bringing the academic push back into it. The SpEd teacher he is with now is splitting her caseload with this new person, and the new person will be taking difficult child's case, as he is more severe and the current SpEd teacher will be out on maternity leave for at least part of the year.

    I don't think there are any real formal plans in place yet, but some things do seem to be taking shape. What I heard from this lady this morning, and again just now at specials, was good. With a new principal and this new lady, maybe just maybe...
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    I posted on your other thread.

    Fingers crossed that this new person does the job well.