Last night I gave difficult child II melatonin (one for me too). I had asked psychiatric about it b4 and she said it was ok. Does anyone else use it to get difficult child to sleep at night. I have google it and see no reactions to other medications?


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I use it for difficult child when he is on stims, as he has a harder time falling asleep. I notice he falls asleep much quicker. I give it about 1/2 hr to 45 min before bedtime. I have used it but did notice if I did not get enough sleep then I felt hung over in the morning.


My difficult child uses this nightly with good results. He takes it about an hour before bed.

I usually have no sleep problems -- except for when I'm sleeping somewhere unfamiliar (ie vacations, etc.) I take Melatonin when away from home and it works well! No hung over feelings here.


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We use Melatonin with our children, and it works WONDERS at our house!!! The psychiatrist has told me that there is no medication interaction because Melatonin is actually something that most people's bodies produce on it's own. Some of our difficult child's either don't produce it on their own, or else their bodies don't produce enough to help them fall asleep through the stims they are on. Since it is something that is naturally found in the body anyway, it doesn't really have any medication interation concerns.


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #6600CC"> we've used melatonin for years...started when jarrod was having trouble sleeping due to depression. we always have a large bottle in the house.

it works well with-little or no *hangover*.

</span> </span> </span>


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We began using it for difficult child when he wasn't sleeping well and had difficulty getting up in the mornings. I would give him one and he would sleep well, I would wake him about an hour before his alarm ws due to go off, just enough to give him his Adderal and then by the time the closk went off, the Aderall had taken effect and he would pop out of bed without a lot of prodding and fighting.

He still will take one when he has to be at work early.


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Seb takes between 3 and 4 mg. about an hour before bed. It works very well. I give him the oral suspension mixed into juice as he won't swallow a pill. I will occasionally not give it to him to see if he will fall asleep regardless and he really can't. That worries me somewhat. I am also wondering how long a child can safely take it for...


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The person in the pharmacy that helped me find some said if it is taken too long the body will stop producing it all together.

I tried getting my difficult child to take it. SHe read the bottle and it said 'dietary supplement' - she thought I was trying to get her to not eat as much :rolleyes:

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I had never heard what Busywend mentioned about the body not producing it after a while. That is kind of scary. Will have to look into that.

I have used it myself but never given it to difficult child. She has never had a sleep problem.