Melissa has a job interview tomorrow!!!! (me, too)

Sue C

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Would you believe that Melissa and I both got phone calls today to arrange interviews? I have been looking for 2 months; she's been looking for 2 weeks.

Melissa's interview is tomorrow (Friday) for a receptionist at a school of pet grooming. My husband said my interview for the part-time receptionist job for a developer is supposed to be Monday, but when I returned the person's phone call, I had to leave a voice message. I'll call back tomorrow.

Please wish us luck.....especially Melissa!!!! She needs prayers in regard to her interviewing techniques. I went over a few questions today for her to think about. I asked her what she would say if asked what her weak point was. She said, "I'm a little afraid to answer the phone." :hammer: I said, "No, no, no. You don't say that when your job will be answering phones!"



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Sue, I hope that both of you find jobs that you will enjoy. Fingers crossed!



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Okay Sue, 'tomorrow' is now today! What happened? How'd she do? What's up with your interview?!

M isn't really afraid to answer phones, is she? Poor thing! But truly, then she shouldn't be answering ads for receptionist stuff....I hope she did okay, and thing work out for her!

And you, too!


Sue C

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Thanks for asking. First of all, yes, Melissa is kind of afraid to talk on the phone, but I think the more she would do it, the more comfortable she would become. She is very polite and friendly to other people. I think she'd enjoy the job. She said part of the job would be taking the person's dog to the back and putting it in a kennel, so she wouldn't just be answering phones.

Here was her actual interview:

Interviewer: Why do you want to work here?
Melissa: [something like this] I like working with people and I would like a change to also work with animals. I love dogs and have a dog. In this job, I would be working with people and dogs.

End of interview. The lady then showed her around and asked if she would come one day this coming week for two hours "to see if she thinks she would like the job." She was also given the "receptionist manual" to read over. Trouble is, Melissa said that when she arrived, a different girl was leaving and she overheard the interviewer tell her the same thing about coming in next week. And she said it was funny because the girl was dressed the exact same way as slacks and a pink jacket! Melissa said the lady never gave her time to take off her jacket to see her sweater and wondered how the lady would remember which girl was which. (kind of a good point, don't you think?) She also did not know how many other applicants there were.

Anyway, the starting pay is $9/hour and after 90 days of good performance, it would be raised to $10/hour. I told her that was very good pay for her level of experience and that that was what I've been seeing in the ads for most receptionists. She was very pleased at the money. I don't think there is health insurance which could be a problem, but for now she needs a job. She also has to fill out an application and take it back with her. (she had mailed in a resume originally) I looked at it this morning, and it does not ask if you have had any misdemeanaors. Whew.

As for me, I called and cancelled my interview for Monday. I felt so sick, my stomach hurt, I was a mess. Most of you know I have MS and get fatigued easily and take a nap most days. This job was going to be every day from 9am - 1pm. By the time I got home to eat lunch, it would be 1:30 pm. (I have hypoglycemia, so I would not be feeling well waiting to eat 'til 1:30 pm.) Then I'd go right to bed for a nap. My whole day would be gone, and I'd be exhaused. I would have to try to cook dinner, but I think husband would be stuck cooking most nights. Even though it would be 20 hours/week, it would feel like a full-time job, and I just can't do it. I felt so relieved after cancelling. And now I know not to apply for any jobs that are those hours. Years ago my church secretary job was perfect. I worked Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6 hours each day with an hour lunch. My last job was 3 to 3.5 hour/day with Wednesdays off. The hours were in the afternoon so I had the mornings to rest and do errands or whatever, plus I only had to walk next door. Hopefully, something will come along that will fit my job needs. :smile:

Keep praying and sending good thoughts that Melissa gets this job!!!