Melissa returns to school today.....hooray!

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Well, Melissa will be going back to school later today. She is supposed to meet with the Hall Director regarding the incident with Brandon before winter break. Maybe she will be told she has to change dorm rooms or halls. She will have to deal with that.

She heard from back school as to the cost of the broken window. They could not tell me because of the Heppa law. The cost was $217 to fix it.

Tomorrow I will email her the phone # of the person at the courthouse to call about making payment arrangements on her first disorderly conduct ticket, and I will not mention it to her again. The ball is in her court.

At first she said she would meet with the school psychologist regarding anger management (she said she'd only go once but we hoped that talking once would make her want to go back) to get a letter to take to court with her for the second disorderly conduct ticket and the vandalism ticket. Then she said she wasn't. Time will tell. I will not mention it to her again. The ball is in her court.

She did not hear back from either place she applied at. She said she was going to call the horse hospital back on Monday. If she follows through, that will be a major mature step.

I have not heard her yell at Brandon on the phone the past two days. In fact, yesterday I overheard the conversation. She called him and then said, "Oh--you don't want to talk because you're watching TV? OK." And she hung up NICELY. I gave her a quick hug and told her I was proud of her for how she handled that conversation. She said, "yeah, yeah."

I am so happy that she's going back to school after a month-long winter break that I am going to bake chocolate chip cookies for her to take back with her (of course, I'll keep some for husband and me). :grin:

I'm doing the happy dance. :princess:

p.s. Pray she STAYS in college and does well, OK?


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I learned the HARD way about having your adult children stay with you too long. My oldest stayed with us for three weeks a few years ago. He was 22. As much as I love him, I couldn't wait for him to go home. Oddly enough, the thing that bugged me the most was drinking soda. We never have it in the house. They were not raised to drink it. The FIRST thing he'd do in the morning, or should I say about 1pm when he woke up, was to go to the Quick Stop and buy one of those gallon sodas. I just cringed when I saw it. That one was followed up by a good 3 or 4 more during the day. Fortunately the kid is 6'5" and skinny as a rail. :rofl:

A week is good. We can all handle that, but longer than a week...your personal habits start to rise to the top.

Good luck with Melissa. At least she went back to college!!


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Well, I was hoping Melissa would be out of here by this afternoon, but it looks like she's not leaving 'til tonight. She wants to leave when Brandon leaves which is after he is having dinner with his parents at their friend's house. It's better that she doesn't leave now anyway, as we have had 4" or more of snow and it's still snowing and the plows have not come through. It is all country roads back to school.

I neglected to say before that she comes home every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, but at least we get a respite for several days/week.

I am HOPING that Melissa and Brandon don't fight at the dorms, but it's highly unlikely. I overheard her on the phone with him earlier this afternoon. Here's her conversation:
Did you just get up? What time did you go to bed? Who were you with? What were you doing? You were just doing that [whatever that was--he probably said playing video games]? What time are you eating with your parents? Why are you getting mad at me for asking you questions? Brandon? Brandon? Brandon? .... I guess he hung up!

Hearthope & Suz -- fingers crossed, indeed. Even crossed toes.


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She finally left and it's 10:10 pm. She was waiting for Brandon to call her so she could meet him at the gas station and follow him. He didn't really want her leaving when he was, so he was crabby. She left crabby. (huge sigh)

Will she make it through her first day????


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It's not fun watching a relationship like that. I know, because my difficult child is in one. There isn't anything you can do but sit back and hope it ends someday.


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Stay busy, find things to do to keep your spirits up. Read, craft, exercise, go to a movie. Rest before she comes back on the weekend. Keep your spirits up. Amazing how they 'do life.' :shocked:
Never thought my kids would be so different!
How naive!! :wink:

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Irishkalleene -- read my post "I'm Upset!!" Melissa dropped out of school and we moved her home yesterday. :frown:

Thanks for the great ideas.