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We are on wait list for residential treatment center Meridell abs want to know if anyone has sent their child there for help. My 14 year old daughter attempted suicide 12-17-17 by overdose on her on ADHD medications. She was sent to inpatient center for 5 days then had to send her back by ambulance on 1-21-18 for violent aggression towards her stepdad and myself. She’s been diagnosed with ADHD, ODD and possibly mood disorder. She has been off all medications since 1-28 and things are even worse.

Baggy Bags

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My son is 15, similar diagnosis, aggressive, suicide attempt 1-6-18, 40 epilepsy pills he stole from someone.

Why is she off medications? Is someone helping you keep her safe until she goes to the center?

My son's suicide attempt was very traumatic for all of us. I hope you can get some therapy for yourself as well.


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I've never heard of that particular treatment center. I hope that it helps your daughter. Do you have a plan for the meantime, while you wait? The situation sounds critical to me. It seems like you may need to get her out of the house before her bed opens up.

Gabi, just wanted to say hello. My stepson also attempted suicide on Labor Day of 2017. He was clinically dead for several minutes, spent three months in the hospital, and just recently returned home. I hope your son is getting the help he needs. No family should ever have to experience the horror of a suicide attempt
My daughter was at Merridell and it helped her tremendously. She started in the Neurobehavioral unit (Jewels) and then was moved to the residential treatment program (Bunkhouse).
My daughter has been diagnosed with a laundry list of issues through the years and Merridell was a true turning point for her. We also participated in weekly onsite family therapy. We live a few hours away in a different city and we received a hotel discount through Merridell. Our daughter was much more receptive to therapy both at Merridell and after leaving Merridell.
Unfortunately, our insurance did not cover her stay for very long and we ended up doing private pay. She would have benefited from staying longer but we did what we could afford to keep her there as long as we could. They did an excellent job of finding the proper combinations of medications/dosages to help with her depression, anxiety, and mood disorder.
She has told us that sending her to Merridell saved her life and was one of the greatest gifts we’ve ever given her.