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    Well, easy child and I went to the midnight showing of twilight. Wasn't a bad movie. It was full of A LOT of teenagers as I expected it would be. Couple of obnoxious ones directly behind me. It took a lot not to turn around and rip some heads off. Was proud of myself for holding my tongue.

    I love midnight showings because you always get an interesting group. These kids actually cheered when the movie started and applauded when it ended. I was so surprised.

    One of easy child's friend was in the row in front of us and over a couple seats. The boy directly in front of me was an odd duck. Introduced himself to me. easy child said so he could he don't worry mom he is strange. He just smiled even bigger. I thought ok.

    I was actually impressed with how closely it actually stuck to the book. A few little differences. Only a couple that were disappointing. And having just read the book the last two days it was fresh in my mind to compare from.

    All in all a good time.

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    Sounds like fun! I'll have to let easy child know it sticks closely to the book. She has decided she doesn't want to see it because she loves the books so much.
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    I've heard the books are wonderful; the movie is supposed to be a huge hit with the fans of this series of books.

    My sister told me these books weren't appropriate for kt yet. And she won't be seeing the movie until/unless I can get out to see it.

    Saying that (don't mean to be negative), I'm glad you had a good time, Beth.
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    Jess LOVES these books, Wiz even likes some of them. We were going to go to the new Harry Potter Movie when they announced it would be released on this date. As a way to celebrate Wiz' birthday.

    But then they postponed the release of HP. So I was thinking about sending Wiz and Jess and maybe one of Wiz' friends who is very cool and fine with Jess.

    Do you think it would be OK for a 13yo? She is pretty mature, and totally LOVES vampire everything. She managed to get ALL of her close friends to read the book - even the 2 girls who won't read ANYTHING. She liked them THAT MUCH.

    Glad you had a good time, thanks for any advice you give on it.

    As cruddy as her year has been, I would have let her go to the midnight showing if she hadn't been sick. Her bff went and she was SO jealous. That is OK.
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    Last night - Two girls came into the store and were asking for Vampire teeth. i just smiled - as I am a vampire at heart.

    We have a box of Halloween decorations that they wrote off - and you can't sell - we have to destroy them and throw them away.

    I knew what they were doing -

    I went back in the stock room, found the makeup kit with glow in the dark vampire teeth and rang something else up in it's place.

    The girls were thrilled -

    I said in my worst Bella Lugosi voice -

    Good Eeeeevening.

    (too young) lol

    I have my fangs - you put them on with epoxy - lol they looked real until I had my teeth whitened - now when I put them on it looks like I forgot to brush my fangs.

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    Susie - if she has read the books already I don't see why she can't see the movie. Wasn't any real nasty stuff (either direction that you want to take that). I would say she would have a great time. Most of the kids there last night I would say were high school age or better. But again it was the midnight showing I am certain that it will be selling out to middle school age kids the next few days. We are also a house of someone that loves vampires. She has more vampire books than I care to count and just a couple years ago no reading at all. So who am I to complain.

    My easy child actually wasn't such a big reader until two sets of books. This was one of them. Her friend actually got her to read.

    Sharon - I didn't hear any of the kids coming out of it complaining about it. It does shuffle a few things and it had to leave a couple things out (as all books to movies do) but I was impressed how well they kept it so close.

    Linda - I don't know how kt would interpret some of the under stories in the book/movie. Truthfully I wouldn't recommend the series to my 18 year old because of some of it. That because of how she interprets things. I understand your wanting to be careful with kt. Not everyone can read the same book and come away with the same feeling.

    Star- only you would use that line on teens. I would have laughed my behind off. Glad you could make the night a bit better for the girls that came into the store.
  7. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Me an Anne Rice (crosses finges) ......until she got WEIRD.....lol
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    Linda, I have teens that are talking about the book so I did a quick read through last night. I agree with your sister--there's a great deal of sensuality/sexual tension coupled with a sensitive yet dangerous romantic hero that would appeal to the 14 year old girl in most of us. I'd expect that from the movie as well.