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    How is your oldest daughter? I may have missed an update, but last I remember she was having terrible problems with her abusive live-in boyfriend. I've thought of her often over the last few weeks.
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    Hi, TM and thanks. I haven't been on the boards much lately (very busy).

    J. is doing better and still trying to decide what to do about the SO situation. She says hey are technically not together and she knows there are many reasons to leave, but she can think of some reasons to stay too. However, she has never been as negative about him as she is now. I hope and pray that she does decide to leave. In spite of his abuse, which is sporadic (and I think that makes it tougher) she has been with him for eight years and it isn't going to be easy for her to walk away. The stupid house they bought together is a problem. She doesn't want her credit to go into the toilet and the only way they can sell now is a short sale.

    Yes, yes, I know it's excuses, but, like everything else she has battled, I have to be supportive, but not pushy. And she has to do this herself. We are in close touch and right now she is concentrating on her job and her friends and not him, which is a good first step. She DID mention that he would be a horrible father and I know she wants at least one child. Thankfully, she is good about contraception and gets the shot every few months to make sure she does not conceive.

    Again, thank you for asking and caring.
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    It sounds like things have settled down for now. I hope the house situation can be resolved so that she can move on with her life.
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    MWM, I can't imagine having to be supportive and patient through a scary situation like that, you have experienced so much in your parenting journey. And such a wide range of issues. I know she will be able to make it through this with you on her side.