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    So I have not been able to help difficult child with his homework since he was in kindergarten. I gave up on it. He did not want my help, I did not know how to do it the way the teacher wanted, he had major major meltdowns. I would ask him if he had homework, the answer was always no. I just let it go, it was not worth it.

    I came home today and difficult child asked me to help him with his homework! I helped him with a few math problems and we had no meltdowns! It was amazing. I never thought I would be so happy after helping difficult child with a few math problems.

    I think the medication tweak is working (knock on wood and warding off the board curse)!!
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    Great news ! Sometimes when I "layoff" my difficult child things work out much better ! I wish you continued success !;)
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    That's great!!

    Did you tell him how great that was? was he proud of himself too?

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    I found with Travis leaving school issues at school was the best approach............took me too many years of homework wars to figure it out too. lol

    A great moment. I really hope it can continue. :D
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    Super news!
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    gcvmom Here we go again!