Minimum Wage Tables

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    I was curious the other day about how much a server or waitress is paid per hour. I know it used to be a whopping $2.13 per hour a few years ago. Imagine my shock when I find it is different in different states. I was even more shocked to find it varies by industry in some states! It just seems odd to me.

    This site has a table with each state listed. It shows the federal min wage and tip allowance and the min cash wages that must be paid, then lists each state for those categories. Employees are entitled to whichever is higher, state or federal. I THINK they are entitled to whichever is higher for both min wage AND min cash wage for tipped employees. (Min cash wage is amt that must be paid in cash to an employee who earns tips.)

    This might be interesting to our kids who have jobs, to make sure they are paid equitable. It also would be a way to show why they should tip servers, etc... I know seeing these figures would make difficult child more likely to tip if he didn't already tip (he does).
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    Thank you for posting this. I think this will be a useful reality-check tool for my difficult child 1 when he starts thinking about life outside our home. Which although is a goal, he's nowhere near ready and does not understand what things cost and what his earning potential is at this point in time, Know what I mean??