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    I write this when I should be sleeping, but I am too upset to sleep. This is my 1st time posting and I'm not sure what to do. I am a mom to two boys age 3 and 7. My 7 year old has been a challenge since birth (colic baby) and is currently seeing a psychologist. She believes he may be ADHD/ODD. A psychiatrist we met with said he was a candidate for drugs. We don't know what to do. Our psychologist is suggesting neuropsychologist testing but it will cost almost 3K for the battery of tests. Our 3 year old was a very happy and easy going baby. When he turned 2 things started to change. We started to see more and more behavior that was a carbon copy of his brother's and all negative behavior. Now at 3 he is very intense and angry and I fear his continued exposure to his older brother will set us up for even worse challenges. I feel so alone and wanted to reach out to a community that understands where I am coming from. I hope to find some advice and suport here. Thanks.
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    Hi mamihc, you'll definitely found understanding here. :peaceful:

    There often is a strong genetic trend with root issues of behavioral disorders, so if you're seeing definite issues in the oldest and possible issues with the youngest, then thorough evaluations a good idea. Do you have insurance that would cover the neuropsychologist testing? If not that speciality area, how about a developmental pediatrician?

    What's the family history look like? Any developmental disorders or mental health problems in biological members?

    Two book recommendations for you:
    What Your Explosive Child Is Trying to Tell You: Discovering the Pathway from Symptoms to Solutions by Dr. Douglas Riley

    The Explosive Child by Ross Greene (Be sure and check out the thread about this book at the top of this board).
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    Hi! Welcome to the crowd! Boy do I know where you're coming from. Sometimes there's nothing more frustrating than when people tell you "he'll grow out of it!" Good question as to whether you have insurance for a neuropsychologist. It'll make things more clear for you and help narrow the field as far as diagnosis' go.

    During his developmental years, how was he with eye contact (with strangers/aquaintences)? Did he have problems with certain sounds/smells/tastes/textures? Did he have a problems with certain materials or itchy tags in his clothes?

    Don't feel so alone - we're here and willing to help. Make sure you look at the Watercooler forum - it makes it easier to "get to know" us!

    Feel better!