Miss KT got fired already...

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by KTMom91, May 26, 2010.

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    ...even before she moved in for her nanny job. She's been watching the kids, and having difficulty because she is very rigid in her thinking, and cannot handle it when something doesn't go exactly the way she planned it. According to what she told me, she was "let go" because she put the two year old in time out for throwing toys in her (Miss KT's) face, and because she would still be taking classes while working, and the people didn't want that.

    She'd already messed up her school schedule for both summer and fall to accommodate the hours, even though I'd told her not to change the fall classes yet. All I know is that she will not be sitting on her happy butt doing nothing but drive me crazy all summer long. She either needs to go to school full time, work full time, or do both part time, and she knows it. She just came in and announced that she was on the waiting list for the math class she needs.

    So much for my library...I was looking forward to the peaceful quiet.
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    You can come sit in MY library!
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    I'll be there sometime after June 4...that's the last day I'm working. I also have a trip to NM planned. A friend of mine is a travel nurse and is currently working there. Since I've never been there, it's a perfectly good reason to go!
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    I hope Miss KT finds something else. My difficult child is also out of work. She lost her excellent job at the insurance company (because she slept through her alarm) and then this past weekend she lost her little piddly donut shop job because the person she got to cover her hours on Friday night never showed...at least that's the story she's telling us. Ugh. I would wake her up every day at 7AM, but she has been staying at her bfs most weeknights. Tonight I am putting the big lean on her: "Find a job or you're out."
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    This is a copy/paste of what I posted when you said she got the nanny job:
    "Sending good thoughts. I agree, the initiative thing is very good.
    But, be careful. This is her DEAL. You are on the PE Forum. What does this mean? It means your child is 18+. It means time to start letting go. If she messes this up, hopefully it will be a learning opportunity for her. Sure, wish her the best. BUT, any scrxw ups are on HER not YOU. Good thoughts/vibes that she likes this job and figures it all out. "

    I hope she figures out her role in what went wrong and makes a decision to avoid this mistake again.

    Glad you are asking her to be productive.

    I know it is NOT easy, but try to hold your ground, but at the same time, not invest too much (personally concern yourself) about the results. Let her know the rules, but at the same time, make it clear that the responsibiity to follow them falls on her.