Missouri here I am

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by MidwestMom, Mar 22, 2015.

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    Well, the train ride was long and tedious, but Missouri is a very beautiful, friendly state...I call it America's best kept secret. The mountains, the smiles, the cleanliness, the beauty...I would live here and like it. It is a lot like where I live but with better weather. And it is nothing like the busy, rushed feeling I had in Chicago and the burbs.

    Bart has been great. He has grown up so much. Really nice house. I will be able to amuse myself here when he works with internet access, a 66" screen TV, movies out the wazoo, long walks up and down the hilly sidewalks and coffee on the deck out back. The yard is funny...it's big, but it slopes, like so much of up-and-down Missouri.

    I love no smog.

    My grandson made a phone video just for me and I can't wait to see him Wed. He will be here five days in a row.

    Just checking in.
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  2. pasajes4

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  3. KTMom91

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    Sounds like you're having a wonderful time!
  4. LoveSushi

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    I hope these next two weeks are better than you ever dared to imagine!
    Enjoy every second with your son and your grandson. :hugs:
  5. Lioness

    Lioness Lioness

    So excited for you! Sounds so wonderful there, I can just imagine it. I am living vicariously through you today as you have put a smile on my face. You deserve to have a lovely time with your son and Grand son. Enjoy that cup of coffee on the porch. Sending you hugs from london x
  6. ForeverSpring

    ForeverSpring Well-Known Member

    Thanks and thanks to all.

    Except on the phone I haven't really interacted much with Bart in person since he married his ex-nutjob. It is good to see that he looks really good and his house is clean and beautiful and that is living responsibly with no visible porn on puter...hehe. He seems to have really settled down and he has pictures of himself and his son all over the house. That kid really is his everything. I once wondered if he were a sociopath, but he clearly is not and has feelings for others...me, his dad, his kid. He doesn't drink much anymore and has cut out the benzos. That may be it. He was prescribed EIGHT Xanax a day from quack doctor and he wanted off of all benzos so he did it. I have very stubborn kids. When they want to do it, they do it. Since his medications are on the counter I looked at them, being nosy as I am. Just Clonadine.

    I am kind of bored while he's at work, but Junior will be here Wed. I can wait.

    Missouri is wonderful. It's absolutely beautiful.
  7. Lil

    Lil Well-Known Member

    Don't forget to delete your browser history when you turn it back over to him. :p

    It really is a pretty state. So many people think of St. Louis when they think Missouri, because it's always the cities making the big news, but most of Missouri is woods and farmland and rolling hills (or really steep hills!) and lots of green. I've seen prettier, but we're not too shabby. :)

    I hope you have a terrific visit! How exciting to get to meet Junior!!! I'm so pleased for you. Have a wonderful time!
  8. ForeverSpring

    ForeverSpring Well-Known Member

    Lil, I've seen prettier too, especially in the deep south. But I like the climate you have in Missouri, at least in the winter. I'm not a warm-all-the-time sort of gal. And I love the southern/Midwest mix of friendliness here.

    The part of St. Louis I saw when pulling into the train station was right by Busch Stadium and it was not a dirty, busy big city compared to the ones I'm most familiar with (Chicago and Milwaukee). I'm sure there are shabby parts, but not the part I saw.

    The only thing I hate down here is that my cell phone provider is not represented down here and my cell phone keeps dropping calls...grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Until Bart comes home, I can't Skype or even talk to anyone in Chicago or Wisconsin. I should have gotten Verizon when it came to my tiny neck of Wisconsin. LOL!

    I had a very peaceful day. Did a lot of reading on my son's deck that overlooks beautiful homes and large green yards and the mountains. I have to say, I am very proud of Bart. His ex-wife never invited his family over and, when we did go to visit, she was so rude and Bart didn't stop her, so we didn't go back. I barely spoke to Bart while he was married as she was the Gatekeeper. We kind of reconnected after the divorce and he has changed a lot. Yes, he has his moments. I have put them down. But he is doing very well at work. This house is big and new and in a very upscale sub-division. He lives in a co-op area, which I'd never do, and I like more down home areas (we are different), but I am proud that he has a good job for eight years and can afford all he has. I didn't know if he would ever get a job he kept, really, for a while...he had so much mental illness and bad behavior in his 20's. Then when ex kept us at arms length it was ok...we weren't sad. It was easier to talk to him very little. He has expressed a lot of regret that he let her chase us off, but he wanted to get along with her and interacting with us too much, made hell to pay. So he went along with her and I didn't get to know my grandson. So he made a lot of mistakes, but he does admit they were mistakes. I give him that. He is much more stable now than before, even if he still freaks out under stress. We get along well most of the time, as long as I remind him of the boundaries. He has been very kind to me so far and is excited for Junior to see me.

    Lil, your son can do this too. When my son was your son's age, I did not even want to know him and I could not be proud of him at all and he was living with his ex with MY ex in ex's condo. He was not on his own, stable, or nice. AT least your son is ni ce to you...lol. There is hope. I am seeing it. Not perfection here, but a good job and a very responsible,loving father. I used to wonder if he was antisocial...that's how bad it was...then and now. He has changed a lot. He has done a lot of therapy, like I have, not as much, but it has helped.

    Keep hoping.
  9. Confused

    Confused Active Member

    Have a wonderful time!!!!
  10. Lil

    Lil Well-Known Member


    Is it really flat in Wisconsin? Because there are no mountains in Jefferson County, Missouri. In fact, there are no mountains in Missouri at all! Even the "Ozark Mountains" aren't really anything I'd consider a mountain until you get to Arkansas...and then they're really little mountains. :D

    But I'm glad you have a nice view and are having a good time. Two more days until you meet Junior!!!

    :hugs:Thank you so much.
  11. Scent of Cedar *

    Scent of Cedar * Well-Known Member

    I love this visit.

    I am so happy Bart is doing great! I was worried when you posted about going, and could not be happier for you both, now.

    In my secret heart? I am rooting for the days when I will go to see my son and find that he is successful and happy and wants his mom to visit.

    So, are you cooking or going out to dinner or what?

  12. ForeverSpring

    ForeverSpring Well-Known Member

    Well, Cedar, I don't eat junk food and Bart is a good cook, but he cooks junk food. So I got some food at the store for me.

    One thing about Bart that is a bit maddening is that while he will buy all the toys, and I do mean all, he then can't afford to go out to eat or drive too much...so he doesn't. PLus he's a total homebody and getting him out of the house is hard. He has already said he is going to go places when Junior is here tomorrow to Sunday. So back to the food. He cooks his meals. I eat my yogurt ;)

    I'm pleased he is doing this well. Now a catastrophe could throw him for a loop. Like getting fired. That's when he is at his absolute worst and can not calm himself to think logically and that is when he yells and loses it and gets mean. He handles stress VERY BADLY, almost like a frustrated kid. So we will never be out of the woods.

    But on the plus side, he makes a lot of money and takes really good care of Junior. I never thought I'd see this day. So we all must keep hoping.
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  13. Lil

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    Well, it's going to be raining a couple days and there may be some thunder-boomers. But don't fret. Here's a handy guide for you. ;)

  14. Lil

    Lil Well-Known Member

    Sorry...saw this on Facebook and couldn't resist. :D