Mom - I have good new & bad news....

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Don't you just love hearing those words out of your difficult child? Of course, kt had to blurt out the good first - 99 points at school & mother's day plant.

Then the bad news - Mom, I'm really trying to stay out of court. Okay, what now? Well, kt has missed 21 days of school now (all but 3 on RTCs watch). Because of that she is considered truant - court is next.

kt negotiated a contract with school/day treatment. First she confessed that Residential Treatment Center (RTC) staff were pushovers & that she made herself throw up to stay home from school. Then she signed a contract that states she will be in bed & asleep at 9 p.m. & attend school for the remainder of the year.

husband & I are responsible to get kt in bed, up in the morning & call if kt refuses school.

I have a copy of the contract; will be forwarding it to mental health case manager as well.

Happy Mother's Day! :rolleyes:


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OUCH! I hate hearing those words! We actually made it through this week, with threats and a lot of yelling, without any incidents. I feel for you...lots of hugs and prayer coming your way. Try to have a happy Mother's Day! :flower:


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Crikey, we'd have been in trouble! In Year 5, difficult child 3 missed a total of six months of school, spread over the whole year. He had been missing big chunks of school in previous years, generally in the second half. In our case, the truant office people were told by the school to back off. But it did get to the stage where we had to get medical certificates for every absence. Vomiting was enough of a reason for a medical certificate. Plus, he looked really ill (as you would with severe anxiety).

Surely you can fight this? It seems crazy, especially since you weren't able to push her to go to school while she was in Residential Treatment Center (RTC). And now she's home, under your care, and clearly attending better (you've given us some really sensible explanations for the day or so here and there that you've let her stay home) Surely they have better things to do with the court's time?

Hang in there, Linda. Have a good Mothers Day anyway, just knowing you are making a huge difference in this girl's life.


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Thank you ladies.

Marg, I have a feeling if I walked into court armed with all the documentation (crisis calls, hospitalizations, monthly psychiatric visit evaluations, etc, etc, etc,) the judge would laugh us out of the court room.

I'm hoping this is more a ploy to keep kt in school than a legal maneuver. It seems a waste of time & money. kt isn't running, doing drugs, etc, during her days home. She's home & under my eye.

I will enjoy my day!


Atleast you are hearing good and bad. difficult child Only tells us the good. We always seem to hear about the bad from everyone else and then it takes us by surprise because difficult child never told us.