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    Me, I am a very patient and easy going person until someone messes with the lives of my kids. I am so tired of people telling me to call 911 when one of my boys gets out of control. One of the reasons is the dump that is the local crisis unit. Last time my Daniel was there they did not have his Depakote so being the nice person I am I brought his from home. Fairly new bottle that no count was done on and two days later no bottle at all and told it had been trashed because he had used them all. Well 26 pills were missing from the original prescription. Heads rolled in that place after I went to the admistration. Do they really think I would allow my son to go back there???

    With all the info I have gained from this site I have really figured out that much of both the boys' problems of late come from the darn medications they are on. Took Daniel to the pedi today because of his horrid cough and went through with her what has been going on with these doctors that have them on these medications. She agrees that medication changes for Daniel need to be made and they need to be made in a residential setting so they can monitor him. David...well he has an appointment with his psychiatrist coming up and I want to discuss with her that he needs his medications changed.

    I was also informed by someone in the know that I never have to worry about giving up custody of either of my boys. That if Daniel ever does wind up in a therapuetic foster home I would retain custody and make the decisions.

    Feeling alot better tonight even though both boys embarassed me at church tonight with their actions.
    This place is awesome and reading some of the stories here makes me count my blessings.
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    It's sad, but we found that sometimes people at church can be the most judgmental.

    Our church is like a family, Perhaps because this is a small village. But I would find that certain individuals would discipline my child when my back was turned. What really cheesed me off over that, was the discipline for their own children was very lax and permissive, but they were certainly going to try to spank my kid.

    My best friend (no longer goes to church - long story) caught a bloke at church in the act of dragging difficult child 1 across the room "to make him sit down and behave". She intervened, collected difficult child 1 and whisked him away from the guy. difficult child 1 doesn't remember it, thankfully. That bloke has also since left the church - he couldn't control people like he wanted to! He's also mellowed a lot in recent years; nothing like having your two daughters go through teens into young adulthood and begin to fight daddy, to teach daddy he can't have everything his own way!

    We had another bloke at church get sanctimonious with us because easy child was "living in sin" with SIL1. He asked me how I felt about that, as a Christian, and what I was doing to get them to the altar. I simply said that they were adults and we had done the best we could in raising easy child with Christian values but free will meant letting her make her own choices. We could advise but we should never control. And to force the issue would be to take the onus away from SIL1, who had his own anti-church demons to exorcise, in his own way. I stayed polite, but inside I was seething. Really seething.

    Family or church members - they'll drive you nuts sometimes, but they can also, in their own way, be a valuable support network. And over time, they DO get the idea... it was the daughter of that last man I mentioned who was struggling with a computer-based uni assignment and yelled for help via the church network (and FaceBook). I suggested she use difficult child 3 which she did. He fixed the problem in five minutes. She now tells everyone his new name is Boy Genius. Or Jimmy Neutron. by the way, since this girl reached uni age, her dad has stopped being sanctimonious!

    I hope the change in medications can help your boys. We've had to do our medication washes at home. We're almost through this last one, difficult child 3 is doing a lot better. But he has started chewing a rubber teething ring a lot more, he said it helps him cope. He keeps it in his pocket, I see it in his mouth sometimes when he is working on schoolwork. Still, better the teething ring, than his clothes!

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    I think I am getting somwhere. We have an appointment with Daniel's therapist tomorrow so I emailed him my concerns about the medications today. I let him know that it is since the first time Daniel was baker acted that this horrid anger and aggression has come out. His first Baker Act was for trying to harm himself, now he tried to hurt everyone. I told him I felt it was the medication change.
    He emailed me back telling me he had forwarded my email to the psychiatrist. Got a call from the psychiatrist's nurse saying he wanted to see Daniel on weds rather then next month.
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    I am glad you finding support on the site - it's what we are all about!

    With the complicated diagnosis's your sons carry, the medication issues are just as complicated.

    Going back and finding behavior patterns and triggers is very helpful. It seems you are connecting some dots.