Mom: Marijuana Helps My Son's Autism

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    Mom: Marijuana Helps My Son's Autism - CBS News

    As more and more children are diagnosed with autism, there's a growing need for alternative treatments.

    And, a mother in California says medical marijuana has resulted in vast improvements in her autistic son, reports "Early Show" National Correspondent Hattie Kauffman.

    Mieko Perez tells Kauffman, "Everyone who came to my home was watching me watch Joey die. He was deteriorating hourly."
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    I saw something on TV about this. I have mixed feelings but lean toward the mother's view- even though it isn't conventional. If it turns out that the mother is one who carts her child off on anybody any chance she has or does drugs herself, I would change that view. I understand that pot is a "gateway drug" and that it really is not healthy for anyone, or might cause changes in one's brain. But, in my humble opinion- as a layman- I tend to think many of the typical medications we try on our kids aren't so healthy either but we agree to them because they seem to be helping our kids in an otherwise catastrophic situation.

    I am interested in hearing what other warrior moms feel about this. FWIW, my son isn't autistic so I can't speak with first hand experience in that area. I am a big advocate and sympathetic towards parental rights though, so maybe my defense of the mother in this situatiion is just based on the strong belief that usually, parents know best and have the right to decide what is best for their children and should have more say-so than any nit-wit legal person.
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    I did a paper on medical marijuana in school. I think that if the case is serious enough then it is worth a try. I think, that with all medications, if the pros outweigh the cons then try it. I don't think it should be used in mild to moderate cases, but definately I agree with it in severe cases.
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    I saw something on The Doctors about a doctor in California who has been prescribing his patients with autism and ADHD and bipolar marijuana. Im thinking of sending Cory to live in California.
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    If medical marijuana allows the child with autism to have a better life, I am all for it, depending on the degree of disability and improvement gained. Yes, it is unconventional, but parents of special needs kids often have to step outside the box to help their kids.

    5 years ago, I probably would have had a different opinion, though.
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