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    My son has been attending an Academic Behavior Center (day treatment) since first of December. I have yet to receive a report card since Nov from home SD. I have asked for it but the answer last week was they were putting in the grades but he has missing grades.

    We have been in a medication change for side effects (similar to Parkinson's Disease) which have caused mixed episodes in last two week besides a major episode on Monday(from him trying to miss two doses of medications and no sleep for two days). I know he has to be having to play catch up because he has missed four days in last two weeks. Yet I ask him of makeup and he says oh no everything is FINE. *MAJOR red flag * I know!! The ratio of staff to student is probably 3 to 1. Today I get a notice they are gonna start sending homework home.

    Why would they need to send school work home with this ratio? He can not take stimulants for ADHD makes him maniac and aggressive, so we been trying Welbutrin but just yesterday are we starting to try to increase level to see improvement due to school change/holidays/side effects. Long story short

    1. Concerned about his academic improvement/assessment his TEKS are at 7th/8th in Learning Disability (LD) areas. Expectation: for him to get caught up while at this school

    2. His focus has always been poor for homework at the end of the day THERE IS NO FOCUS left for chores hardly.

    I am very concerned about
    his academic achievement. I have popped in once to school unannounced and plan on another tomorrow!

    How should I hold them accountable? It seems to be not as familiar as the regular sd so not sure of procedures which were in place at home campus. I have a four star general from 12 years and five school districts of advocating this fine special education system we have these days!:peaceful:

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    I would like to help you, but I am not familiar with Special schools. Do they have a Student handbook? It should outline their procedures with missing home work or assignments. Good luck!
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    Send a letter to the Sp Ed Director via Certified Mail stating that you haven't received progress notification in accordance with the IEP nor a report card.

    Many IEPs have monitoring that coincides with issuing report cards. However, it can be more often if it's written into the IEP.

    Re: homework. We have the same problem -- no attention left after school. It's not in difficult child's IEP, but they have been notified that if difficult child is up to it, fine; if not they'll have to work it in at school.

    You son's IEP should be very specific regarding TEK goals.

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    Well we got the report card finally yesterday. I am concerned about the curriculum which we discussed before he went. He made better grades in a higher ratio of student to teacher!! Yet he responds better with the lower ratio. It is one teacher to two to three kids. Only one teacher marked grades are due to behavior and missed assignments. He made the two lowest grades in his two Learning Disability (LD) subjects math and written expression. I am trying so hard to get him to advocate for himself but he just says I don't know or don't care, it is too hard and I don't want to try!! We addressed this in therapy last night, he said he would try and then today he bucks down and wont go!!!

    He said the daily work counts for 60% of the work. He will not ask for help. He said last night he is just making a logical guess. He didn't want to go today claiming everything from nausea to side and chest hurting. The truth is they are having a field trip today for honor roll and perfect attendance. He is on a down ward spiral again and I know it. He has missed like seven days in the last three weeks for legit as well as other reasons. A panic attack yesterday and and accident which he wanted me to bring change of clothes but they said they could find some which were of course to small. He busted the crotch seam and then had to continue the rest of day like that.

    I have made a surprise visit the other day and he was helping a teacher put up a bulletin board. They said he had finished his work already. I need to know the right questions to ask to see what is really going on with the academics.

    He is getting "social skills" in a class with life skills students yet he says he is just setting there.

    He has always made A's in a smaller setting do not understand why he is not and now they are sending homework home??? The focus issues or ADHD, we have not been successful with homework in four years! NO FOCUS= big fight!!

    He refused to go to today and I told him if he don't go he is grounded for two weeks, he says okay FAST!! Was it impulse or no concern for the consequences in regards to facing the day? I am going to get dressed and go there and find some answers today!

    Sick and tired of being sick and tired of waiting for the fruit of my Labor!!!