Monkey is so funny!


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She is here this weekend and the little lake next to my house is open for swimming. She has become quite the little fish this summer. They have this swimming area sectioned off so that you can only go out so far unless you swim past the rope to go out to the diving platform. She knows not to do that because her feet cant touch bottom out there and she wouldnt do that for love nor money.

Because we live about 100 yards from this swimming area and I can actually stand in my backyard and see it, the lifeguards have made an exception to the age limits with her and she can go over by herself. She loves it. Makes her feel like a real big girl. So many times she is left only being able to do the same things the baby does which really isnt fair. Then some of the things she cant do feel like punishment to her....such as she cant sleep in bed with us anymore. She is supposed to be sleeping in the bunk bed she absolutely begged me to buy her but she wont. She sleeps on the couch. Claims its because she wants the TV on.

Another big girl thing she has learned in the last two times she has been here is to cook grilled cheese sandwiches. She loves them and boy does she feel so grown up making her own I tell you what, if I were her mom I would have her making grilled cheese for dinner at least once a week! Take advantage while she is

Once she is done eating we are going to go do laundry then she can come back here to go swimming again. Im going to try one of my homemade curly hair shampoo's and conditioners on her when she comes home. Wish I could get them to continue using it at her other house but they wont. I bought that expensive WEN stuff for her and they never used that either.

Oh did I mention she has been diagnosed ADHD. If I understand her correctly in describing where she went to the psychiatrist, I think she is going to the same practice I go to and her daddy goes to. If so, wouldnt that be a hoot. They will be treating 3 generations!