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Well...things are moving right along.

My BFF toured the grounds and the apartment I am looking to rent today and pronounced the grounds lovely, and the apartment, clean and well-laid out, though "too small for her tastes" (she and her wife live in a huge Victorian).

I phoned the local police department and spoke to the desk sgt about crime and the types of calls they got for that complex. Noise complaints and the occasional car being broken into. Usually during the holiday season when people left gifts in their cars or didn't lock their cars. He did advise brining GPSes and similar tempting car electronics in with one.

According to the officer, the complex is not in a high crime area, has a mixed demographic age and "race" wise, and hasn't had any violent crime or break ins reported in the past several years.

With that under my belt, I sent in my application paperwork this afternoon and should hear back sometime later this week.

I am busy packing, and in the process of packing, am culling through 12 years worth of accumulated "stuff". Goodwill is making out like a bandit. I have a lot of Pre-AP clothing that will never fit again that is in good condition. Someone else will get good use out of it.

I am consigning two sheepskin coats to an upscale resale store in town. If they don't sell before I move, I will sell them to the local pawn shop. Again, I'll never fit in them again, and they are not suitable for the warmer winters where I'll be living.

One thing that will take some doing is getting usedt o the hotter summers. Suppers up here in the Northwoods are mostly in the low 70s, with a hot day being in the low 80s. 90s are extremely rare. Living where I'll be living, 90s are not uncommon, and I'll be far enough west of Lake Michigan to not get the cooling effect of the Lake breezes.

At the same time, I'll be close enough to Lake Michigan to easily drive down to one of the many parks along the lakefront should I so choose. That is one thing I have really missed since moving away from the Great Lakes.

Meanwhile, my sister (the drama is still ongoing) and her fiancé have set a date of Aug 30th for their wedding, to be held at his new brother in law's house. Supposedly it is to be very casual.

Now, my idea of causual, and the rest of the world's idea of casual are not one and the same, so I'll probably see if I can pick up some sort of a sun dress or similar to wear to the thing. I am NOT looking forward to this event at all. It involves spending time with, and being polite to, a group of people who made my life a living hell during my teen years to the point that I bear the emotional scars to this day.

But, it should be interesting. An Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) person plastering a fake smile on top of her usual flat affect....hmmmm....doesn't bear much thinking about, does it?

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Sounds like things are progressing nicely.

Very smart to chat with the local LEO to find out about the area.

One good thing about moving and donating to Goodwill is it's a good tax write off.

Hope all your packing goes well.

Will be anxious to hear about the wedding.


Crazy Cat Lady
Well, I got the idea about calling LEO when husband was looking for a flat in Germany before I joined him there.

The Polizei actually had handouts made up for each postal code with a graph of each type of crime, "citizen complaints", etc, that one could stop by the local station and pick up for a nominal fee.

If I had wanted to, I could have gotten an actual report from the local PD for $25 that would've detailed each and every call made over the past year. I didn't feel that was necessary. (Nor did I feel like plowing through it.)

Noise complaints are going to be inevitable at a complex the size of this one (400+ units), and with the bulk of the parking being surface parking, even with surveillance cameras in use, break-ins will occur. I was considerably more concerned with violent crime.

I am not bothered by living in a "diverse" neighbourhood. In fact, the last 12 years have been the first time I have NOT lived in such, and I don't like it.

It's boring and stagnant and lacking in vitality. Plus, the shopping sucks!