Mr No is 20!


Hi everyone,

It just does not seem possible but today is Mr No's TWENTIETH birthday. I know, 21 is supposed to be bigger, but he is into "two decades" so I guess it's his "even number thing."

I am sad that he is in NYC for the occasion but I am also very thankful and happy he is where he is. This is what is supposed to happen: they grow up and move on to school, jobs, life. What more could I ask for given his Hx?

I also can't believe that I registered as a member in June of '99. It says so in my signature, but that's one thing. Put another way, when I first came here, ex-difficult child was a very problematic 12 year old "and now the child is twenty."

Tempus fugit.


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:bravo: Happy Birthday, Mr. No! :bravo:

Martie, you've done a wonderful job :smile: I'll be picking your brain on a regular basis as the tweedles get older. :smile:


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #000099"> i know the feeling well, martie. jarrod turned 20 in march. it seems to impact them when they leave those teen years behind. i've seen great leaps of maturity in the past six months.

you & mr. no worked hard to get to this place. enjoy it. you deserve it.

</span> </span> </span>


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Happy Birthday to your son and to you. You got through the tougher years to see him start to come into his own.


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Oh Martie, this cyber Auntie sends 20 hugs to one of her favorite cyber nephews! I don't know him personally but I am so proud of him and I feel like the world is such a greater place because he's in it! And his mom too!!!

The Joni Mitchell brought tears to my eyes though...gesh! I am so touched by that song and the passage of time.


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Happy Birthday to Mr NO. And congratulations to you, Martie. He wouldn't be where he's at without you. :smile:


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:nonono: Nunh *UNHHHH*.... no way, Martie. I still have this mental picture of Mr. No as a 12/13 year-old!!! Isn't that funny?? I wonder if all our difficult children end up being frozen in time, or at least mental image, in the minds of our friends on the board as the approximate age they were when we joined... Tempus fugit indeed.

I hope he has a wonderful 20th, and while I understand completely the sadness that he's not home to celebrate, how *absolutely* fantastic he's not home to celebrate. :thumb:

You have been a superlative advocate for your kiddo.


Thanks everyone,

I just talked to the birthday boy. He had a nice evening out--his friends took him to dinner which is a great way to begin finals week.

I told him I had posted to you all and he only groaned a little :smile: ---a far cry from when he had a fit at the idea that all of you are out there cheering for him as I am for your difficult children.

No more teenagers for me :smile: