My Baby difficult child Graduates! (proud moment)

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Okay, so she hasn't actually graduated just yet. lmao

But her graduation is on Sat in Columbus. :grin: And I just had to give all her board Aunties the heads up cuz you all can be there!!!! :smile:

The bonus to graduating from an online public school. Her graduation ceremony will be broadcasted on the Internet on the school's site. We'll be sure to post the link as soon as they have the broadcast posted so all her board Aunties can enjoy it too. (Lord knows I'm not sure I'd gotten her this far without you guys) And believe it or not, N was thrilled I'm posting it. :grin:

I can hardly believe my baby is graduating. Seems like just yesterday I was quite literally dragging her to preschool and having to stay to keep her from hiding under the classroom piano. :rofl:

From what I here the ceremony is beautiful. (I go to school with a girl who gradated from ECOT last year) The graduates get their pics taken with the Govenor. And they get a good picture of your child accepting their diploma because it's in a huge stadium and you're not allowed to go down to the stage to get pics.

I'm so proud of N. She's come so far, and worked so hard.

Not so long ago I didn't know if I'd even get her thru school. She was failing, becoming violent with teachers, violent with students. Her moods were swinging so fast and furious throughout the day that it was exhausting for anyone around her, including N herself. Then when we got that positive pregnancy test back, when she was 16, I feared that would be the cincher. I knew I had to work my tail off to keep her in school. (our sd won't let preg girls attend after 7 mos)

ECOT was her salvation. I'd never have dreamed homeschooling would work for this kid who had always dispised school. (the dyslexia didn't help matters) But N took to ECOT like a duck to water. Her failing grades soared up to honor roll. She loved the one on one with teachers and that she didn't have to take a bunch of unnecessary classes just to fill a day.

June 25th N will start college at our community college. Another huge step. She swore she'd never go to college. lol She's planning on entering the phlebotomy program, but is now considering going on after that for an assoc. degree in Medical Assisting. (after Mom showed her doing the phlebotomy puts her thru a yrs worth of the Medical Assisting progam)

Honestly, I don't care what she does as long as she goes to college. lol

Tonight I keep recalling when my girls were little. Over and over again I used to tell them that first they had to graduate high school, then college, then get married, then have babies. I did it so much my Mom used to complain I was trying to "brain wash" them. Well, duh. lmao I certainly was. Most of my family on both sides had never even made it to HS graduation.

Okay, so my girls got it a mixed up. easy child graduated HS,went to college pregnant, got married while in college, then got her degree and is now on her way to becoming a doctor. N got preg at 16, had the baby, is now graduating HS and going to college. If marriage is in her future she and b/f don't want to do it til she's out of school.

But hey, a Mom with difficult child's in the family learns to take what she can get. :smile:


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Hooray for N!!! I'm always thrilled to see a difficult child graduate. I think you get a lot of credit, too. It sounds like N has come a long, long way.

So here's to you and N . . . :bravo: :smile: :bravo:



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<span style='font-size: 11pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #663366"> i'm a huge fan of online schooling. sarah spent a year doing it (along with-taking two classes at her home HS) saved her academically & did wonderful things for her self esteem. she did her senior year at the adult HS...another great decision for her. some kids are just not cut out for traditional school situations. we as parents need to be creative sometimes.

N has every reason to be proud of herself. you must be busting your buttons!!!

</span> </span> </span>


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Adding my congrats here for N and for you, too! :bravo:

Great positive posts are my favorite kind!! Enjoy the graduation!

What a beautiful post!!! Way To Go N :bravo: :bravo: :bravo:!!! All of your excellent parenting and N's hard work have finally paid off!!! Your love for N just shines in this post!!! Thanks for sharing it with us!!! I LOVE reading about success stories!!! WFEN


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Many many congratulations to you and N. I can't believe she's graduating already... time flies.

N has really made quite a turn around - she must be quite a remarkable young woman. I love that she's taken control of her life and has goals. May she far surpass them.

Again - congratulations!!