My Mom Is Hopping Mad


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My 90 something mother (she won't let me tell her real age) offered to put my son up in a boarding house for a month. He wanted the cash. I would not allow her to do that.

This afternoon I got a call while we were at her appointment. It was a call from a job agency looking for a girl named ....I told the gentleman that he had the wrong number. He said oh this is the # that son had given him, but he did not have to get in touch with him because he had already placed him on a job 3 weeks ago.
I was on speaker phone.

My mother was so mad that she literally stood up and started hopping up and down cussing. The lady nursse came out to see the comotion and started laughing. She was like looks like if you get her mad enough she can get around pretty good and can talk in tounges.

Can you say Gaslighting, Manipulation, PITA, not to mention a class A jerk.


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Marked it funny from the thought of the little old lady jumping up and down and cussing! :lol:

So...son has a job? Guess he should have money, huh?


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Their entitled mentality tells them "their" money is for partying and drugs - necessities should be taken care of by us. After all, we owe them!


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WOW! It takes real stones to do that to your grandmother. Defrauding your grandmother takes cajones bigger than mine. And mine are up front and closer to my face than any man's! (Women need bigger cajones so that is where ours were put so we could create support garments to help hang their weight off our shoulders.)