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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by pasajes4, Oct 13, 2013.

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    I have not posted about my son in a long time. He was released from juvie on Oct.4 th. He served 11 months in a secure treatment facility. The program was excellent and difficult at the same time. He had a difficult time reaching his levels in order to be released. His original out date was in July. I would love to say that things at home were perfect but they are not. I suspect that if it were not for him being on intense supervision probation, things would be much worse. He gets off probation in the middle of June. He will be old enough to leave home and be on his own.

    I am doing my best to detach and let it play out. He is finding out that I will not rescue him nor will I work harder than he does in order to accomplish
    all the things he needs to do in order to satisfy his probation conditions.
  2. recoveringenabler

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    Thanks for the update. I hope by June he is able to pull it together. My prayers and warm wishes for peace are with you.........
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    I am hopeful that the magic "18" number will bring some maturity as the frontal lobe develops. You have traveled a long difficult journey with your son and my fingers are crossed that he will be capable of more independent living soon.
    Meanwhile I send caring thoughts and hugs to all of you. DDD
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    Hope he gets himself together. Well wishes for you.
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    I can only imagine that it is extremely hard for you to watch your son go down the road he's on. I wish you luck.
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    I can imagine the stress you are under now that he is home.
    But I just want to applaud you for making your son take full ownership of his probation requirements.
    You are doing a terrific job there!