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    This is only my second post on this board and I haven't exactly looked around much so forgive me. I am sure this topic has been discussed to death. My son was diagnosed with adhd in 3rd grade. He was placed in "Special Education", which they call something different now seems they change the name of it every year. Anyway I am understanding in order for him to get out of this program he has to "earn" his way out. The program was great for him in the beginning. It showed him he wasn't dumb and that he could learn and the medications helped him calm down.

    This is his first year in highschool and it is starting out rough. Guess between changing schools and puberty that would be enough to make a kid with adhd have problems. The one complaint I have is that in the past couple of years at junior high he was able to get a few "classes out". He was then put under a microscope by the regular ed teachers. He could make the slightest mistake and he was done for and out of there class. Where as a fellow regular ed student could do the same and not get in trouble. Anyone dealt with any of this? Has anyones child actually gotten out of Special Education? How did he/she do it?

    Of course I have told him til I am blue in the face - if you don't like the program do what you need to do to get out. But it almost seems impossible for them to get out.

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    Special education is not a specific place or class. Most kids receiving special education are mainstreamed. Special education is to be done in the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE).

    LRE depends on the unique needs of the student. That can mean anything from educating 100% in mainstream classrooms to educating in an Residential Treatment Center (RTC) (Residential Treatment Center).

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">He was then put under a microscope by the regular ed teachers. He could make the slightest mistake and he was done for and out of there class. </div></div>

    Whether they like it or not, regular education teachers must follow the IEP. His IEP should indicate how behavior is to be handled.

    Have you contacted an advocate to help you? School districts forget that parents are IEP team members - you might need an advocate to help you.

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    Because you do not have a signature or an address, I do not know where you are, but where ever, your SD is in violation of most of the major provisions of IDEA (the Federal Special Education Law.)

    To put a fine point on your question, yes services can some and go as needed, and Special Education is not a "place." My ex-difficult child had an IEP in public school for three years and never attended a special class. However, he received a lot of services and accommodations. He did not attend public high school...long he had no IEP but if he had been in public high school, he would have had an IEP to protect him legally from expulsion. He still would not have had any "Special Education" classes, but would have had services.

    Under the current Federal law, you can withdraw your consent for Special Education placement and that will put your difficult child in all regular classes. HOWEVER, if you do this, he will be subject to normal discipline, including expulsion, so I personally would not do that if I were in your situation. On the other hand, I would not have my child in a situation that violates FAPE and LRE, either.

    If you do not advocate for your child, no one will. I believe you need to find out what your rights are and what your son's rights are and start defending them. Unhappy freshman have a very high drop out rate....I would try to get a handle on this problem ASAP

    Welcome to our world--where we deal with schools as they are, not as they should be.

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    Hi Happymomof2!

    Glad you came over here. I am having a hard time believing that any SD is still doing this!!! WOW!!! How horrible!!

    Follow Sheila and Martie's advice. When it comes to helping your kids, they are the warrior moms we all ask for help. I know I would NEVER have gotten the accomodations for my son if I hadn't followed their advice about reading the IEP AFTER it isdone and filed.

    In my case it was a middle school grade. My son spiralled down and ended up in a psychiatric hospital for 4 months.

    I hand-carried the IEP to the hospital so they could continue his education.

    Sheila and Martie suggested I actually READ it. :surprise:

    They were very very very unhappy that I did. The Special Education teacher had made her own modifications, including adding my initials (clearly NOT, but when not shown with the other pages that had my sig and init, no one knew).

    This woman contributed greatly to my son spending 4 MONTHS in the hospital. She fed his obsessions on violent things, things not allowed because I knew they were problems. :nonono:

    I came to an agreement to not litigate in exchange for all the services I want my kids to have. A class action lawsuit was starting due to this woman's practices. Most parents didn't catch her little additions to the IEP.

    Sheila and Martie are what I want to be if I ever grow up!!!! :dance: They truly know their stuff, so listen to them.