My son is smoking Monkey weed!!! Help!!!

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by myboycjo, Jul 14, 2013.

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    First off. My son has been spiraling out of control for the last year. he is a month away from 18. When he doesn't get his way he calls his grandparents and they give into him. I have asked many times not to do this. Long story short. He was staying at their house when this happened... Until 3 weld ago I had never even heard of this stuff. I got a call telling me I had to go to the ER because my kid smoked this stuff. I was asked if I wanted to do a tox screen so I said yes. They asked what I wanted to do so I suggested we wait for the results. They were negative for narcotics so they couldn't keep him as I was going to report him. since then the grsndparents said he can't stay at their house, which I had been trying to get him to come home since he went there in February. He now has been home since going to the hospital but now instead of running away to the grandparents house they just pick him up and drop him off in the city and give him money and he buys this stuff. I'm the one who has to go pick him up at all hours of the night finding him passed out on the curb from smoking this stuff. He is also doing it at home. I don't want him going to the city to buy this stuff but he always finds a ride, and money. I stopped giving him money weeks ago. I want to get him help but I was told that because this stuff is "legal" that nothing can be dine. I'm afraid that when he turns 18 I am going to tell him he has to leave. I am open to any suggestions. I've researched and found this stuff has very severe side effects and I don't know how to help him stop.
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    Welcome to our group. We have all been where you are now. May I ask what is Monkey Weed? Is that another word for spice? If it's spice, yes it can be very dangerous and it is illegal in every state on the federal level. The problem is they keep changing the ingredients enough to make it different and then they have go back and change revise the ordinances to cover it. If you know where they are selling it (head shops, smoke shops, gas staions, etc) you can report them to the authorites. Of course more will pop up, but I would still do it.

    His grandparents need to stop enabling him. Can you go over there and have a serious talk with them? Eventually your son will get into legal troube and when he is 18 it will be in adult court.

    How is his behavior towards you? Is he out of high school? Working or going to college?
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    I'm so sorry you are going through this. I don't know what Monkey Weed is either, but was also thinking Spice.

    Son's grandparents are hurting him, not helping him. Greatly. Although, trust me, if they don't take him to the city, he will find ways to get there if he wants to go. Chances are he has friends who go there because "birds of a feather stick together." He is almost eighteen and ready to be charged as an adult when he gets caught.

    Drug users/addicts use drugs and there is little anyone can do to stop them, especially once they turn eighteen. One thing you can do is learn to detach, which is an ongoing process. You can tell him that if he wants to be able to live in your house, and the comforts it provides, he has to go to rehab and quit using drugs...or he's on his own. It's hard to do. Many have done it, usually after the child refuses to get any help a nd is horrible to live with at home. You can't stop grandparents from taking him in again, but chances are they will get tired of it too and do same. If you want to keep him at home, you can cut off his entire money supply until he agrees to rehab. I cut off my daughter's $$$ and at least she had to get a job to buy her drugs (wry smile). She was not allowed to drive our car. I'd cut off the cell phone too because many a transaction takes place on the cell phone. Check his Facebook. He's still just young enough for you to try to intervene.

    Lastly, I highly recommend going to a Nar-Anon meeting. You don't have to talk. You can just sit and listen. These meetings put things into perspective, let you vent, and teach you how to take care of yourself and live a good life even when your loved one is destroying his. You get a lot of support and real life stories and hugs. But nobody forces you to say anything.

    Keep us posted. We understand.
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    I found out today what it actually is. I guess there are different kinds. I found two packets in his room. One is called Sexy Monkey, the other Crazy Monkey. both stare that they are potpourri. One actually states "Botanical Sachet lab certified keep out of reach of children no banned chemical not for human consumption it's legal". It then states that it doesn't contain chemicals like JWH-018,073, HU-210,211, CP-47,497. He has been smoking it in his room along with cigarettes which I now took his door off the hinges. He states that he hasn't smoked it in over two weeks but I don't believe him. I also had a talk with his grandparents telling them I was not giving him any more money and that they need to stop giving him any as well because he will go buy this stuff. As far as his attitude toward me, it's more that he doesn't respect anyone and it's going to be his way or no way. He will lie until he's blue in the face and when you catch him he turns it into blaming us. He has not been violent and hopefully never becomes. Thanks for the support. It feels relieving to have a place to discuss these issues other than witin the family as we all have a biased view of the issue at hand.
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    Is it bath salts? I have read about people using that. No matter what it is, he has a substance abuse problem and needs help now. Since he is under 18, I would look into finding a treatment center for him now. This is not going to get better on its own. He is starting down a very bad path.


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    Google: Crazy Monkey potpourri. It's a synthetic "marijuana" and very dangerous.
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    Yes, those are brands of "spice" or synthetic pot, as Gwen said. Nasty stuff, very dangerous.
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    He shouldn't be smoking anything in his room. Yes this is dangerous stuff. There are reports of young people becoming very aggressive using this so be prepared for what you will do if that happens.