my son tried to commit suicide


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My son just tried to commit suicide 5 days ago by jumping off a 4 story building breaking his pelvic on both sides and dislocating his shoulder. He almost died. He just got out of intensive care. I had put him out of the home earlier in 2015 because I could not take it anymore. I sent him to his dad who also have been trying to help him. He just got kicked out of Rehab three weeks ago for getting involved with a woman also in Rehab and refused to stay at another Rehab facility. Now that he is all broken up and will need physical and mental therapy. He will need someplace to live and heal but I can't take him back in my home and his dad doesn't want him in his home. I am sick with worry!


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With injuries like that, he needs to go to a rehab facility. Talk to the social worker at the hospital. They will handle getting him on Medicaid and getting him placed in a facility.

With a bilateral through and through pelvic fracture, he may need to learn how to walk again. You cannot provide that sort of therapy to him even absent all the other issues.


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GoingNorth is right. Speak with the social workers at the hospital. I went through a similar ordeal recently and trust me - he is beyond your capability. He probably needs physical therapy as well as (obviously) psychiatric care. Let them know everything about his previous history and begin the process of finding all the support he qualifies for. You are going to worry. That is normal. Get some help for yourself, too. Whether it is a therapist, a close group of friends that understands/knows the situation and you can trust, speaking to your doctor and getting something for anxiety...whatever. You must take care of yourself and when your child is in such peril (even self-induced), we parents put ourselves last.

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I am so sorry for your pain, this is very hard to even read. I echo the sentiment of the posts above, there is help for your adult son. Stay strong and know that we are here for you. Sorry for your need to be here, but it is a soft place to land. Keep posting and let us know how things are going. Holding prayers for you and for your sons recovery. {{{HUGS}}} leafy


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I am so sorry for anyone having to deal with a loved ones attempts at suicide or successful attempts at suicide. God bless you for what you are dealing with. My heart truly goes out to you.