N and new Pre-School gonna help her!!!???

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    We went through Childfind last year in Idaho. It was horrible. N was in a Montessori, calm low stimulant perfect conditions for a high anxiety child. All of the testing for childfind was done in a quiet low stimulant environment with husband. So she did not "show" really any issues. She was above average on everything and they poo-poo'd my thoughts on her cluttering of speech. "It is normal for a 3 yo" Even though it was getting worse.

    So now she is in a public pre-school, loud, high stimulant, lots expected of her.
    She loves school, but does not want to go. She is having severe anxiety over the potty! It is the girls bathroom about 5 stalls, outside by the big kids classes. All of the kids go in together, all flush at once (very loud) and there are flies and moths etc in the bathroom.
    She will not go. It took us a few days to figure out what was going on, she will talk to me about things when we are lying in bed reading at night.
    She is going into week 3 now. Every day and night she has sobbed and shakes about going to school.
    She is so scared about going to the potty. She does not want to wear dresses, she can't cover her ears, hold her dress and go at the same time... She loves dresses!
    He cluttering has been getting worse for the past 2 years. Anxiety makes it worse.
    So I talked to the teachers... they said they would help her. This weekend she was so worried about school. I promised her we would talk to the teachers again today. husband talked to the 2 main teachers this morning. They think she needs Childfind and should be tested for issues!
    They definitely notice her speech issues. They see her anxiety. So today they took her to the Special Education teacher and to her bathroom. They let her meet the specialist and hang out, to get to know her. They will let her go potty in that room and still walk out with the kids to the big potty but she does not have to go in!
    They will start the paperwork they said in a few days.
    Miss C said her speech should have been addressed before, she was appalled by what they said in Idaho.
    N had a better day!
    I am so happy that she may get some help, I don't think she needs tons but she needs some help or she is going to have more and more issues. We have been working on the potty for over a year. Noise, bugs all of it... we need some outside help.
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    I'm glad they are being sensitive to her needs and working out a flexible solution! That's a very good sign :) It's also good they are getting the ball rolling with her paperwork so that the services can BEGIN! Sounds like this may be a good year for her at the rate things are going!
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    I am glad they are being responsive. Please send them a request in writing for the evaluation. Even if the teachers really want the testing, the higher-ups may put it to the side if there is not a written request.

    It is good she had a better day. I will keep my fingers crossed that this continues.

    I can remember being afraid of the potties when they flushed in school up through 2nd grade.

    I also think the Idaho school and childfind was awful to brush off her speech issues.

    Hugs to all of you!