Need a new psychiatrist

tina duann

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Hi guys. I took difficult child 1 to psychiatrist on wed and she just told him to ignore the kids that are teasing him. He told her that is why he wants to die. I am so mad that I could spit nails :grrr:. Does anyone know of a good psychiatrist in the north texas area. I am at my wits end.
It is so fustrating that she did not take this serious. He even told her that he tried to smoother himself with a pillow. I just dont understand why she did not take it serious. Any suggestions. Also I am having an ard meeting in march for difficult child 2 and I might go to jail if things dont get done right. I am so fed up with them. She got a 43 in spelling this 6 weeks and is failing lang.arts. she has an A in science and in social studies.
Does any one have any suggestions on how to get them to test her for Special Education.


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I have the name of an excellent psychiatrist in n. texas, although I am not sure she is taking new patients at the time, but if she is not, I know her colleague is. Email me a PM and I will give you the details.

As for as getting tested for Special Education, it is my understanding that you only need a medical evaluation from a psychiatrist that states she has an emotional disturbance to get the process started. You then present that to the school counselor, and she becomes eligible for special services, inlcuding them testing her for a Learning Disability (LD). At least that was my experience in the dallas public schools.

Good Luck!