Need Advice On a Friend/Work Issue

Stella Johnson

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I was laid off from my last job in February. After that I took classes to get an Insurance Adjuster's License.

A friend that worked for me at the old place was also laid off. She was having a hard time finding a job so she decided to do what I am doing.

I am an Independant Adjuster... meaning I only go out on contract when major catastrophes happen like hurricanes.

Well my friend took the class to get her license but hasn't had her fingerprints or any of the other requirements to get her license. She also hasn't finished another class that teaches how to use the adjusting software.

She talks like she is planning on going out with me on the next catastrophe job but isn't doing squat to prepare. The agreement was that she would do all the paperwork and I would do the hands on stuff like climbing rooves for roof damage etc. Well, she doesn't even know how to use half the software and there are 2, possible 3 hurricanes that may be hitting Florida soon.

Instead she is running around trying to sell Mary Kay. She bought thousands in MK inventory about a year ago but never did anything with it. Now she decides to run around chasing her own tail with Mary Kay. There is ALOT more money in Independant adjusting than there is in Mary Kay.

So, my issue is, I really don't want to take her if I get deployed in the next couple of weeks. She has no license, doesn't know how to do all the paperwork.... pretty much useless to me as far as the job goes. She is a great friend and i don't want to ruin the friendship but the partner thing just isn't going to work if she doesn't get off her rear and get her priorities in order.

I talked to her on IM earlier about it. She said "adjusting is part time" and she wants to concentrate on Mary Kay. :slap:

So, how do I let her down easy? Or, if I get a call to go do I just split and not say anything to her? I do have a friend who has owned a construction company that can go with me that would be much more knowledgable on construction and damage issues. I would rather take him.




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Go to the call without her. She's not ready. You don't have to let her down easy-she let herself down. You need to go with the knowledgable friend. That's what's best for you. Please don't take any of this on your shoulders. And don't allow yourself to be taken advantage of. If she has a problem, put it right back on her. Don't accept any blame whatsoever. It seems like you know what to do already though from your post.-Alyssa

I agree, she is not ready. Letting her down easy will not BE easy, but you need to remind her (maybe on paper?) exactly what you had to go through to be as prepared as you are. Maybe give her a guideline as to what she would need to do in order for you to consider taking her with? Make it a liability issue.

I don't believe she is trying to take advantage of YOU, I think that she is trying to make as much money as possible. I don't blame her one bit. But she needs to know it is not possible in the way she is trying to do it. If she wants to concentrate on Mary Kay, she needs to concentrate on Mary Kay.

Good luck!


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I agree that she needs to decide which is her priority. However, I would go on the call without her and then simply state that you thought she meant that she wanted to concentrate on her Mary Kay career.


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If telling her is going to ruin your friendship, then the friendship isn't worth saving.

But you can be tactful. She can't be in business with you if she hasn't got her certification properly through. Just because you're friends doesn't mean you can look the other way - it's not acceptable and a later investigation would put BOTH of you in trouble.

I would let her know that you will be working with someone else on a temporary basis until her qualifications are up to scratch. You can throw appropriate work her way when the opportunity arises because if things get busy there will be plenty of work for ALL those who are qualified in the work. But for now, she's got a lot of Mary Kay to shift, and that should come first in her priorities, to help her de-clutter her life so she can better work with you later on, without the Mary Kay distractions.

Frankly, she sounds like someone you don't want to be in business with AT ALL. I can't help wondering why she was fired...

Some people are good friends but lousy business partners. And it can go the other way too. Choose a business partner for their experience and ability, not because you like sharing a chick flick with them over a box of tissues late at night...



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I wouldn't let her down easy, but I would let her down nicely. "I'm sorry, but I can't take you with me until you are licensed. I could lose my license." Period.

Then it's back in her lap to get her license or not. This is all on her.


I really like what Marg said. My thought, too, is that business enterprises ruin a lot of friendships (case in point). Maybe you could present it that way as well.


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Having lived through many hurricanes over the years, I am really interested in the mechanics of your new occupation. No...I do
not want to follow in your footsteps, lol, but I would like to know what is anticipated for you in the wake of a hurricane. Are
you contacted to be "at the ready" by major insurance companies
or do you have to contact them and ask for work? How do you get
transportation into an area that is devestated? Where would you
stay in a strange community with no electricity or support services? How long a stint would be anticipated in the victim
community. Do you have good child care available for the long run for difficult child?

Unless my perception is messed up, I would absolutely say you need to take a man with you. Yes, it sounds sexist but even a non-aggressive male would provide an aura of protection for you
in a volatile arena. I guarantee you that the last thing one thinks of in a hurricane damaged city is Mary Kay! DDD

Stella Johnson

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Thanks guys. Made me feel better about not letting her go with me. Guess I just needed reassurance that I'm not an evil witch.

When a person gets their license they then send their resume and other qualifications to the adjusting companies. There are several adjusting companies that contract out to the major insurance carriers.

When a hurricane is getting close they start contacting their adjusters. YOu usually have around 48 hours to get to the area where the catastrophe hit. Most drive their own cars since there is so much you have to take with you.

They give you a list of hotels in the area. Sometimes you may end up staying hours away from the area.

To be honest I would feel safer having a man with me too.

Sure you don't want to get a license? :faint:



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Naw.......I think I'll just retain my title of perspective storm
victim. If you show up in Central Florida I hope you bring an extra jug of water and overestimate the damage so I can finally
retire!!!!!! LOL DDD