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    My son has been suspended 3 times this year. He has an IEP in place. The school says they just don't know what to do with-difficult child. So, in essence they suspend him for lack of knowing what else to do. Does that teach my difficult child anything? No! Who does it punish?? The parents. UGHH

    Yesterday when I was in a conference with-principal and sped teacher the sped teacher mentioned having another IEP meeting to change his behavior plan. What do we need to add?? I mean they already told me they don't know what else to do. She mentioned him going to school 1/2 days or M W F. I said no way. Again, it only punishes me!! I dont' want to lose my job. husband can't miss work because he's had 3 back surgeries in a year. So, it's up to me to be with-difficult child. They also referred him to a day school that is affiliated with-the public school and mental health agency. Well, yesterday she said they are full and a mile long waiting list. So no chance he will get in.

    What next?? I am at a complete loss. I'm exhausted and just so sick of this fight...
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    Tell them discipline is to change a behavior and do they have evidence this practice is changing his behavior?

    I went through the same thing!! 20 referrals a year for inappropriate behavior!

    When was you last FIE? The law states after each school evaluation the parent has the right to request an Independent Education Evaluation (IEE) at the school expense, and you choose who you want not not from a list of providers, they give you. Have you had a Functional Behavior Assessment? I would prefer an IEE because I received one from an awesome education consultant!

    My best suggestion is to get into
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    "I don't know' is a good answer. As for a cop out it is the mantra of teens and physcicians.
    the iep should include the plan for teaching the behavior as the matters do arrise.
    The behavior occurs then teacher refers to the Special Education, or conseling, or??
    What you need is to have an IEP meeting and change the behavior plan. OK.
    Ask for a time that fits your work schedule for this meeting. Contact the behavior specialists invoved and let them know that they are needed in attendance at this meeting. what do they need to do to prepare to advise the behavior plan changes as the teachers, iep specialist, principle 'do not know' what to do with this child to provide the appropriate education.
    Does he require an educational aide each day? Does he need other suplemental services either inside the school itsself or elsewhere and how often and who does this? Is the behavioral goals and benchmarks included in the plan supported and well defined.
    Help my special needs child has language to avoid the "admiring the problem I do not know what to do"
    it does boil down to the fact that individule children are as varied as snow flakes and as these conditions are a tiny percent of the population sometimes a child is being responded to by adults who have not befor dealt with this type of set of needs. You may also want to phone the discrict superintendents office and the state DOE and let them know that the principle is indicating that he and his staff of teachers, conseling ect are needing the DOE to supplement their skill sets to provide the appropriate free education that is your childs right.
    As a professional yourself it is not going to be that tricky for you to inform and request the atention that is not being initiated by the principle as it ought to be.
    If you have been reading about the educational supports that are needed for your childs education needs then bring these with you either atonated in the book or periodical or copied for the team assembled.
    I had a presentation for each IEP Team that I was introduced to including the background, examples of the successful meathods that had been used, ect.
    I would have a title for the meeting which i would hook their attention.
    I think that doing this helps alot as you can touch on what you know works, what you have been told specific to what your child needs done from the practioners and also what you are aware is in the school now that may apply.
    ultimately you will engender their interest and help them to define what is workable and they will learn to make what is work in thier school.
    Shunning the needs of special kids is the way it was and for some it is hard to learn new behavior.
    Younge teachers sometimes sound like whining kids themselves and tenured teachers are often so tramatized by working with kids whose families just do not give a ssss that they are caught in their vortext. but you will find the way and you will be so releved once they have something to go on.
    it is extra work for you. your child is the one who will benefit.
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    Thanks for your response. What is a FIE? Never hear of that term. I am not sure if they have done a FBA either. He was last tested by a psychometrist summer before 4th grade began. He's in 5th grade now. I need to pull his IEP's out and look at them.
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    FIE is a Full Individual Evaluation IDEA requires SD to do once every three years but parent, parent may request once per year.

    FAB is a functional behavior assessment which you stated you were in the middle of getting the results. What were the behaviors which resulted in the suspensions? How many days has he been suspended total? You may be able to request an Manifestation Determination Review which has two questions
    1. Was the behavior a result of disability?
    2. Did the SD implemented the IEP appropriately to prevent the behavior?

    BRB let me check your state ed guidelines......
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    1st suspension was throwing erasers at kids in the resource room. He was sent to resource room for being disruptive and noncooperative in general ed class. He was suspended 5 days for that. He was getting his tonsils out the next day, so he was going to be out anyway. so, kinda a wash on that one.

    2nd one was right before they got out for Christmas break. He was in the office for same behaviors-defiance, disrespectful, disruptive. Wouldn't settle down in resource room, so next step is office. They sent him to lunch in cafeteria. Well, he was sitting at the "silent lunch" table. Was bored(according to him) and started throwing food. Then "humped" the bench. UGHH How embarrassing. Another 5 days for that one.

    3rd time- last week. For 2 days he had same behavior as before. Rude, disrespectful, not following directions, throwing paper airplanes in class, yelling across room. Telling teacher no he's not going to resource room with-the dumb kids. UGHH So, another suspension was doled out. this time only for 1 day. Kinda assinine if you ask me, but whatever.

    That same day(Fri) he had his first therapy appointment. It went well. The therapist said suspension does no good. Which is exactly what I told principal. He suggested in school suspension. Not sure if principal will go for that. I've asked difficult child's sp ed teacher about that before and she said he doesn't do that. But who knows.....

    Thanks again!
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    So let me get this right it has it hs been over ten days?
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    Maybe I'm wrong but they can not suspend him for more than 10 days in a year. They will have to come up with something other than out of the classroom for the rest of the year. Even if they send him to the office for 1 hour that counts being out of class and all those hours can add up. It sounds like they have been excessive in their suspension and they will have to think of other ways to discipline him. If you have in you BIP (Behavior Intervention Plan) or FBA that he will be removed from the class when he does XYZ then that is permissible.
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    I feel your pain. My difficult child who is 12 going on 13, has been suspended twice in the last month for behavior and disrespect issues, after not being suspended at all for the past two years. First time for holding the arm of a student that had been a pest to everyone on the school bus for months while another student hit the child (3 days). This was done after I told her to take it to a teacher and tell what was going on. Which was done, to no avail. Schools are reactive (all the time) as opposed to being proactive ever. After having two snow days out of school, they had a two hour delay on the third day. My difficult child says we're out tomorrow so do I have to go today? Yes, you have missed almost a week of school. So she goes to school two hours late and an hour and a half later, I'm getting the call that difficult child has hit another student and if I don't pick her up she's going to be suspended again. Guess what she learned from that????? Be disruptive and you get to go home where you wanted to be in the first place. I asked the administrator, what are you trying to teach her and she says to me well I can't let her go back to the classroom today. Why, she has to go back to that same classroom on Monday. Makes no sense to me. Is it me or is something screwy. She has an iep, but I'm now asking for another meeting and reevaluation, and we'll see how long that takes. Very frustrating. You know once they get suspended once, if there is your difficult child and another person in a situation, your difficult child is always going to be suspect, regarding of whether they started it or ended it.