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    Good morning,

    I hope everyone's weekend was good, and restful, that difficult child's were behaved and smiling .....i have a few questions, need a bit of guidance.

    I spoke with school this morning verbally.....i had to, yet i will follow it up with a letter.

    I am noticing difficult child has alot more school refusal and anxiety due to the cognitive behavior therapy the school is implementing without my consent or knowledge. last year we did it yet i was on board, (good for my iep fight) that we handled it at bldg. level.

    Here are my questions........

    Should I allow school to speak with the pyschiatrist right now ( i have signed a waiver/release), yet i can direct pyschdoc not to speak with them. Let's remember they are not backing me on the iep or 504 for difficult child at all. "i observed her for 5 minutes, she's fine".

    Also, how do I write this letter, I know to copy the principal of school, teacher, sw, and pyshdoc for school on it. Yet how would i formally address or write this letter or reference my request for an iep or 504 to the Special Education committee. I want to make sure i do it the right way, and yes I will do certified. I"m awaiting a letter from her current pyshdoc stating he believes difficult child requires a 504 or an iep, once i recieve that the letter will be sent.

    Also, school keeps pushing me to handle it at bldg. level, "come in, let's meet come up with a plan, etc. to lower difficult child's anxiety". My verbal response was well at this point I am requesting the Special Education committee to review said documents, diagnosis's, records in order to implement certain provisions in order for difficult child's anxitey to be somewhat alleviated as well as difficult child being able to reach her true academic potential.

    Will it be looked down upon if i do not continue meeting with them to assist difficult child?

    I asked verbally this morning that difficult child be allowed at least 2 nurse visits each day, the fact they are no longer allowing her is creating more anxiety within her and that is not acceptable, i also stated that the sw, or physdoc for school is not to go to difficult child whenever she is experiencing anxiety and the few times they have folded and allowed her to nurses office. she's beginning to feel trapped. "not good!"

    So, what do you guys think?

    for example the bedtime thing i've been doing didn't work last night, yup i know it didn't work which stinks. yet she has a presentation infront of class today and was nervous about it, also ex bought her a fish without asking me and we have a new kitten i was so upset with him for not thinking......... and she was afraid that the kitten would eat the fish! long story short if certain provisions were put in place instead of forcing difficult child up infront of classroom, she could do presentation from her seat........

    so im a bit concerned today what her day will be like, how she will feel......

    ok thanks!!!!! as always :)
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    Hi! Sheila and Martie have all kinds of links to letters. As far as my 2 cents? I'd insist on the IEP. I've been burned so many times because I was "being the cooperative, understanding parent" that I can't count them anymore.

    The gen ed school near us would ask us for ways to deal with difficult child 3 and her anxiety and they would go out of their way to add higher stress levels (due to the way bonuses are awarded in the NYC school system, the only way that she could increase the school scores was to get rid of as many Special Education kids - even the nonbehavioral ones - to jack up the test scores).

    An IEP would protect you and difficult child from undue actions being taken without your input.

    Good luck hon!

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    Thanks for your input, it is funny isn't it, it seems when we do the right thiing we get the shaft so to speak.

    I just don't want to be looked at badly because i'm telling the staff now nope no more meetings, interventions or plans on bldg level to solve this ongoing issue. hence i'm pushing for 504 or iep even if you guys don't think she needs it.
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    Here's the text of the letter I recently submitted to get my daughter's IEP process started:

    We suspect that our daughter, M, has a disability based on continued academic struggles and recent psychological and educational testing that we will provide to the school under separate cover. As a result, we are requesting that a full and initial evaluation in accordance with IDEA be conducted to determine if M is eligible for special education and related services.

    This letter serves as parental consent for the evaluation. If additional information is needed, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Don't even mention a 504 -- you want an IEP. You should send the letter certified mail or hand-deliver it. The date it is received starts a timeline under which the evaluation must be completed.

    Hope that helps.
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