Need Some Help for Travis Please

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  1. Hound dog

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    Travis is all set for college except he's come up 1000 or so short on cash to pay for classes for the year............And of course there is the whole how is he gonna buy books and supplies.......and actually EAT.

    Travis has accomadations in the disability apartments. We can scrounge up spare dishes and the like. And I was going to take my yard sale money and unknown to him, put it on a visa cash card to help him eat for a while. easy child has been picking him up school supplies a bit at a time when they're really cheap.

    The boy has fasfa and the pell grant. If anyone knows of any other grants that he might qualify for we'd be eternally grateful. This boy has worked his **** off to make college happen and managed adult behaviors to do it too. I'd hate to see him have to come home due to the fact he just can fund it.

    He came up short because he had to count husband's income as well as his own which put him into a higher bracket than nichole and I.

    Thanks. I'll be watching the boys over the weekend and can sneak back online then.

  2. WhymeMom?

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    Has he checked with the school he will be attending? There are usually all kinds of small scholarships that might be available that the financial aid office might know of..... like kids from a particular county attending that school who want to be teachers..... definitely worth asking about......, maybe check with employer to see if anything is available there? Just some abstract thoughts..... you may have already thought of these, but just trying to get some brainstorming started.......
  3. everywoman

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    I'll do some research tonight. And while he might not want to he can apply for a student loan for the rest---the college should have an online link----and tell him to check into a work study...
  4. AnnieO

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    Daisy, also check with the Air Force Base, it's near the college, they might have something too they're really involved in our community.
  5. witzend

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    Lisa, I hope that Travis will be able to sort this out. He should look to organizations like the Elks and so forth to see if there are opportunities out there for him. Also, have him try Vocational Rehabilitation. You never know...
  6. mstang67chic

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    Another thought is to check with any community foundations. They may have grants or low cost loans also.
  7. DammitJanet

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    Lisa, why did he have to use DHs income...he is older? Oh well...too late I suppose. about the Lions club...they are vision oriented. And...again..another one for voc rehab. He should have gone through them in the first place. Doesnt he already have a case with them? They send kids to college! But if all else fails for now...get the student loan for this semester and then figure out how to not use husband's income going forward...have his address of record be somewhere else.
  8. GoingNorth

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    Another place to check out is Catholic Charities. They run all sorts of programs and do not always take income into account, or if they do, only take in the individual's income.

    You do not have to be Catholic to use their services, either.

    Back when I was living on a military pension, before my SSDI came through; I used the local (small town) Catholic Charities food pantry.

    I wasn't even asked about religion and while I did have to declare income; I did not have to provide actual proof.

    The pantry was run as a cooperative effort between the church and the Lions club.

    I know for a fact up here that they help out with school supplies and in some cases with clothing from an affiliated thrift store.

    I'd definitely look into it.
  9. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    I was also going to suggest Catholic charities. Our town uses the Mother Teresa fund to help people with this type of issue (also to help those who got messed over with the real estate crash. They help with the one-time payment to get you on firm footing with the bank.)

    I first thought of that Matthew Lesko book on free govt grants, but it seems to not have much info that truly applies to people. For a while the big bookstores carried his books, if you are interested go and write down info from the books, but it is often out of date.

    There used to be a business in downtown Cincy that existed solely to find scholarships for students. A friend of mine got a grant for red-haired women who were left handed and wanted to become teachers. NOT JOKING! If I can find the name I will pm you.

  10. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    Has Travis contacted HR at the business he works for? Isn't he with the grocery store chain still? They used to have scholarships for students. My cousin was a meat cutter to pay for college and got major scholarships from them.

    The scholarship fund may not have been in downtown Cincy. Try the first listing in the search, that might be the place. Otherwise I will dig deeper.

    Also try, and

    This is a link to a site that says it has free searches of scholarships. Supposed to be free to students, at least the FAQ says it is. (You do have to register for free to use the service.)
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  11. mrscatinthehat

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    I know a lot of colleges are doing work study. Not all of the work is in their places either. He might try some food pantries to eat. It isn't the greatest forever plan but it could get him through the rough beginning.
  12. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Sorry it took me so long to get back to this post. (am using easy child's internet again) Thanks for all the great suggestions!!! :D We'll be looking into them!!

    Janet, Travis has to use husband's income because he didn't turn 23 until June 8, instead of June 1st which was the deadline.

    Hugs and I sure do miss you guys. Still working on getting internet back on.....and phone and tv. Since I won't let husband borrow the money from's taking a bit longer than expected. Right now we have a we can do to have enough gas for him to get back and forth to work........

    Yeah, it's not been so good here.

  13. DammitJanet

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    Dang...thought maybe you were back finally.