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    We have some neighbors that have about 5 dogs. They have killed our cat in which we saw them do and our cat passed away! well these dogs continue to come over and my daughter is terrified of them! so we shoot our gun to scare them home but the cops wont do anything! what can we do! They come get under my house and fight each other, jump on my daughter at the bus stop, have gotten into our trash! They also poop everywhere.and we step in it! we live in the country though so it seems there is nothing we can do!
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    Ask the police or sheriff for your area. We had a dog that tried to attack our cat, luckily, he got away. Where we lived, the police said we could shoot any threatening animal on our property. I would hate to do that.

    We were able to talk to the teen who brought the animal to our neighborhood. The teen was the one who actually "sic'd" his animal on our pet. We told him that if his dog was in our yard, we would follow thru to protect our pets. He never let the dog run in our neighborhood again. It was problem 30 years ago...the police may have even talked to him and his family...

    We lived outside of city limits. I don't know if we would have followed thru. Fortunately, we didn't have to make that decision.

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    The old saying "shoot, shovel, shut up." of course, I could never do it, but these dogs sound scary.
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    So sorry about your kitty. In our city a similar situation happened this week. Two pitbulls killed another neighbor's pig. Animal Control showed up and the owners agreed to turn them over. Two years ago the police department put a city map on their website showing where attacks by vicious dogs had taken place. The owners of the dogs have to go to court and pay a fine. After multiple incidents, or if someone is killed or badly injured, a judge decides whether the dog should be euthanized. Last year a little girl was badly mauled by a pitbull. Owners of vicious dogs don't take into consideration the liability, criminal charges, and financial devastation they are at risk for.
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    I would talk to animal control and to a civil attorney. Animal control may be able to tell you if the dogs have killed other animals and what needs to happen to have them ruled vicious in your area. If you call the cops each time they attack your child, it won't take but maybe 2-3 times to have them put down. Neighbors will hate you but they will learn not to let them loose. Or the cops or animal control will shoot them when they get attacked by the animals. A civil attorney can help you see what your rights are to shoot the dogs on your property (remember that what you shoot must hit something at some point - and you do not want it to be a person, so don't shoot up into the air, please). Also, a cat is property and you can sue them for damages and for their dogs leaving waste on your property. Put up video cameras to prove it is their dogs, they are not expensive. Overall, if they don't pay, you can put a lien on their property - the actual real property or vehicles and eventually you could end up owning their land or cars or whatever. I have seen it happen after years of strife. Or, if you don't have animals you let run, you could do what a neighbor of my aunts' did. he put out bits of poisoned meat and let the dogs running loose eat it. They died and stopped attacking neighboring kids. I don't like that method because they didn't die an easy death, but it did work. SHooting near them won't work for long because they won't stay afraid of it for long.