neuropsychologist Appointments for June...woo hoo

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    I just got off the phone with the NueroPsych office and I have scheduled for June 2 they had some appointments cancellations so they had been available in June instead of July or Aug. I have also decided that I may as well have difficult child 1 have an evaluation as well because next year because of his age the insurance will not pay for a why not they had been able to schedule the kids back to back in 2 hour slots. I have called and they are going to schedule out 2 more appointments for difficult child 1 and 3 more appointments for difficult child 2.

    Now what about medications before testing? With difficult child 2 that wouldn't be too hard to do because he is only on the Strattra and it will be easy enough to take him off a week before testing and put him back on right after but with difficult child 1 that is much harder because he turns in to a beast without his medications and hasn't been off of the Celexa in 2 years and it wasn't pretty when he wasn't on medications. So what do I do?
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    You should ask the neuropsychologist his/her preference about whether your difficult children should be kept on medications or taken off before the testing. We kept our kids on their medications, except for J's stimulant (which was given halfway through the testing to see if it had any effect on attention), on the advice of our neuropsychologist.

    by the way, because Strattera (and for that matter, Celexa) is an antidepressant, it would need to be weaned off and then on again if you decided to d/c it for the testing. Otherwise, your difficult child could suffer withdrawal effects.