Never ceases to amaze me how fast things can turn...

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by bigbear11, Aug 8, 2012.

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    We had been having really good days! Even after my husband and I took our trip... she weathered that better than I thought she would. So things had been pretty good. A few hiccups but nothing too bad. Then out of blue this evening she started chewing on her nails and telling us she loved us every 10 minutes. While its nice to hear it, that combination is never a good sign. She proceeded to get frustrated at a computer game, threw the remote control and came over to hit me. She knows there is a consequence to hitting of no electronics for an hour after... not a huge consequence but it has seemed to work (had to do something). She seemed to calm down some but then worked herself back up to a rage because she hated summer ("its too hot!")! Like I can control that.

    She got so upset she had a nosebleed. So out of it that she wouldn't lay down and was trying to smear blood over everything. I was trying to hold her to keep her from ruining stuff in the house and she started biting... really biting. Finally calmed down after an hour or so. I can't help being so angry at her right now. It is sooooo hard to get over behavior like this. At least in winter, long sleeves hide the bruises. So now I am wondering how I can explain these obvious bites to others.

    Sorry for the vent... just had to get it off my chest.
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    ((((hugs)))) Sounds like a completely awful night. I remember wondering how I would explain all of the pinch marks on my hands when difficult child was young and used to pinch me til I would bleed (I still have scars from that). I sure hope tomorrow is a much better day.
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    So very sorry that this had to happen!!!! Same happened yesterday at our house.....see my post.....:(
    Strange that just as I think he is so much better...then whoop, out of the blue....Meltdown, temper....We were all still recovering today after yesterday....This does leave scars on the relationships....Think it will be abnormal if it don't!
    Hang in there....this too will pass.....till next time!........:(
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    Oooh, so sorry!
    Saying I love you repeatedly, and biting her nails, what an interesting way to ramp up. Beginning of an anxiety attack, I can see.

    So sorry about the biting! I learned to use a blanket for "the hold" when my son was little, partly for the biting and partly because we'd both get so sweaty. Pick something easily washable. (although if she's like my son, she'll want to get rid of you and keep the dirty blanket. ;) )
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    Terry, I love the blanket idea... I had never thought of that!

    Today has been great. The sweet angel child is back. You know, while this is frustrating to say the least for us, I really can't imagine what it must be like in her head... to lose control so badly (and do bad things) and then be great (sweet loving and trying to make up for yesterday night) is bound to be really confusing for her as well.