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  1. Since difficult child has received an official diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome, I have shared a copy of his evaluation with the difficult child's school counselor, and the school system psychologist (there's only one, it's a very small SD) and requested that we move from a 504 plan to an IEP. The school counselor and psychologist have not responded me, and this has been more than disappointing. However, realistically speaking, difficult child in in the second semester of his junior year - and so we are trying to get along the best that we can.

    As we are several weeks into the second semester of school, I scheduled appointments with all of difficult child's teachers and met with them at their convenience. I had downloaded a two page article from the O.A.S.I.S. (Online Asperger Syndrome Information and Support) website entitled, "Tips for Teaching High Functioning People With Autism". by the way, I think it is a wonderful article that really does caputure it all in two pages. I told each teacher about difficult child's diagnosis and gave each teacher a copy of the article. We spent some time talking about how difficult child's issues might present in class, what has worked for him in the past, and how we might work together in a parent-teacher team to help difficult child achieve his best.

    I must say, the results have been incredible! difficult child's World Literature teacher has branched out on her own and teamed with one of the Special Education teachers to create a notetaking "mini" course for difficult child. It has been so helpful! We have a new "parent portal" on the school website and all of the teachers are keeping us up-to-date on difficult child's day to day performance in class. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that difficult child has finessed a 180 turnaround, but the teachers are better prepared to work with him. They also are understanding that he is not trying to make their lives difficult. I highly recommend the article....
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    It's great when parents and teachers are pulling in the same direction. Your willingness to prepare for a teacher meeting and offering suggestions (rather than demands) was a great idea!!! Hope progress continues.....