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This is quite interesting. Cory had a new assessment yesterday and while I know many people dont agree with the "who" of was doing the assessment I totally agree with the findings. His answers were quite enlightening. I got to sit in on the interview because he allowed it and they needed info on past stuff that he simply didnt remember. (He couldnt care less about telling stuff in front of me after all this time)

He was diagnosed with Bipolar 1 with last episode unknown based on history. Personality Disorder not otherwise specified with traits of Antisocial and Narcissistic, and Substance Abuse.

Cory stated his major problems were decision making skills, impulsive behaviors, being easily led by other people, wanting what he wanted when he wanted it and that there was no stopping him when he got something in his mind because he felt he had the right to do it, "creative ways of deciding if something was really right or wrong" such as if a house was condemned and gonna be demolished what was so wrong in stealing stuff from it if they were gonna tear it down anyways? In his mind nothing. No boundaries where it comes to his parents or siblings.

Interesting that he seems to understand that he cannot rage or cuss and act out in certain places like a courtroom or a therapists office but finds no problem acting the fool at home, around friends or even in public at times. He said if he thinks he could get arrested for raging that is what makes the difference. Hmmmm. Control.


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Yep... sounds like a difficult child :hammer:

Now that this assessment is done...what is the information going to be used for?


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Well...if he complies (and we all know how that can go) he will do therapy and get back on new medications.

It was quite interesting because my therapist was the one doing the assessment...lmao. She had quite a bit of inside information on him going in so she was able to ask him a few pointed questions which he readily answered.

It surprised me how forthcoming and truthful he really was...especially with me there...or maybe it was because I was there...who knows. I do know I heard things I wouldnt be privvy to if I hadnt been there...lmao. Tsk tsk Cory.

With this new info though I am really second guessing the idea of mood stabilizers. Im thinking maybe simply trying him on abilify alone or maybe geodon. While lithium worked well it caused such tremors it is just not worth it because he will be noncompliant. Its also been years and years since he had anything close to a manic attack and if we can treat the other symptoms, it would work out. We cannot use causes problems.

Dont know...have to think.


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Janet this arrest seems like a blessing in disguise.

Cory wouldn't be in the position to get an assessment without being where he is now and he is being forth coming with his answers! Maybe even giving you insight to questions you have had in the past regarding his behaviors.

I hope this will happen with my difficult child. He has 30 days to come up with 700 dollars or go to jail. I believe he can make the money in 30 days but he is just not capable of managing money and saving it.

Maybe things will be addressed then. He has played everyone for so long just maybe the truth will come to light


Given what I've read of Cory in your posts, the diagnosis doesn't come as much of a surprise.

Crossing fingers that he'll start on medications and participate in therapy.


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I'm so glad he got the assessment and hopefully will now get help. At least now you have some answers, I'm not too surprised at the results either. I'm just sorry that this is what it is.


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Gosh, I can't help you with-the medications but I know it gives you something to chew on, to have a label.
Has Cory told you what he thinks about the assessment?


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I'm another one who thinks this may be a blessing in disguise. Maybe this latest episode was Cory finally hitting the bottom, now it's all caught up with him at last, and maybe now he'll finally accept the help he needs so badly. I hope and pray that he does. And maybe now that he's had time to think, he sees how easily his latest escapade could have ended up in tragedy - for him or for someone else.

This could have been SO much worse. At least you know that he's safe where he is.

Do you still have the baby with you?