New Britain CT ???

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Kjs, Sep 28, 2007.

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    Anyone familiar with this area? My niece interviewed for a job near our home town in Wisconsin, didn't get that job, but the company gave her name to their office in New Britain. She got the job. Had to find an apartment over the internet. Left early this morning for her new home. Has never been there.
    She graduated from college last May, so she is all alone heading across the country.

    Just wondering if anyone is familiar.
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    As you might guess from my ID name here - I am from Connecticut. I actually lived in New Britain from 1986-1992.

    At that time New Britain was a much more affordable to live in than many of the surrounding towns, which is why we moved there. It is a working-class, diverse kind of place, with a state university in town.

    It was more congested than I was happy with and I did not see my future being there over any length of time.
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    Just outside of New Britain are some nicer, less 'crowded' towns; some may offer slightly more expensive but nicer apartments. Farmington is a very large town outside of New Britain (but within driving range) as is Plainville, Burlington - all nice towns with many apartment like situatons to choose from. They all offer garden apartments or in home apartments, depending upon what you're looking for. I wish her well - CT is nice!