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    I told easy child the other day that she was going to start cooking one night a week and it couldn't be the nights I have off. So she chose Thursday. I came home from work and saw no food. I looked around and sniffed the air (I hang around the dogs alot). She was looking at me like I had grown another head. I said today is Thursday but I don't smell any food. she looked truly surprised that it was Thrusday and apologized all over the place. So quick run to the store to get something easy for this meal and she made it. She said she would do better next time. It was weird. No fight and she admitted that she forgot but would take care of it. I know I am talking about easy child but she gets very typical teen about doing chores and especially about cooking things. So I had been prepared for battle when I suggested she take a night. I didn't figure I was being mean since I work more now and husband does all of the dishes.

    It kind of wasn't fair that her dinner turned out better than mine. Humph. Ah well I know it must have made her feel good.

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    All my kids always loved to cook. Each one had a night of the week. With 4 was nice. What wasn't nice is they had to give me a list of what they needed by Saturday morning when I went shopping for the week. When it came to their night and they didn't have the's called wing-it time. (It's what I do most of the time.)

    Your husband does dishes? Wow. Can I send you my address?

  3. Star*

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    Dude likes to cook too. It was just getting him to clean UP that was the battle.

    I like that she's taking this chore from Mom one night a week is pretty cool!

    Maybe one night will be two later? Just dreaming out loud for you!
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    I have given up my kitchen fulltime and it isnt a pretty sight. I am trying to hang in there though.

    Do you think I am being unreasonable? I am trying to slowly get the rest of my house back in shape and I only have so much energy and stamina. If I do the kitchen and cook then I wont have the energy to clean anything else because the kitchen gets messy everyday. If I give the kitchen to Billy then I can take on one small area of the rest of the house or other errands during the week and not be worn completely out. Billy is certainly old enough to handle the kitchen and cooking for two people. My goodness, Cory handles his own home and he is 5 years younger!
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    Miss KT can't cook anything but pasta, but she does make spaghetti for us every so often. I've tried to teach her to make brown rice, her very favorite food in the whole wide world, but I guess there are too many steps involved.
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    I like that idea. I think maybe I'll give something like that a try this summer. Each kid gets a night to cook and each kid gets a turn to clean up the kitchen!

    I've already stopped making breakfast for the kids. I wake them up and tell them to go fix their breakfast while I have my coffee and get their lunches ready. :) My goal for next year is to have them get up on their own and make their own lunches! ESPECIALLY difficult child 1. He's going to have to get himself to school since it will be in walking distance next year.