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    so my step-son had his first 'day' of grade one today(starting off with one hour a day for now). he's been waiting for the schoolboard to get him an ea. i asked for a male ea because he tends to be rough on people and the last two years he has injured his ea's as they were both small older women. they were good, but not strong enough to handle him. so today we go to the school and find out that the school board has sent us an itty bitty little pregnant lady.... i know i don't get a say in who they hire, but really? knowing that he is likely to injure an ea who is not strong enough to handle him they send a pregnant woman? as a mother of 4 i know that yes, pregnant woman are perfectly capable of alot of things but i still think this seems like a risky idea, especially when he tends to be violent and it's basically her job to protect other people from him. so at least the school agreed with me and we got her to switch classes with someone else. i don't get why they just don't send a male EA. maybe they need to put a little more effort into what they are doing. i would feel horrible if anything happened to her because of him and he tends to need to be 'physically managed' alot and i don't see how she could really do that. so WAKE UP school board!
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    Male EAs are really hard to find... there just are NOT all that many of them around.

    But... I know plenty of "battle-ax"-sized* ladies who could do the job... fully trained EAs who are as tough as nails physically. One runs marathons. Another coaches and competes in wrestling. Another plays advanced rugby.

    And for most kids, this kind of physical strength can be a bit scary. But if your kid needs restraining... then get one of these EAs who actually has the strength and energy to cope. They DO exist.

    (* note: I said "sized"... its about build of body and strength of muscle, but NOT about attitude, which you absolutely do NOT need...)
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    oh, i know that male EA's are hard to find. my 5yo had one last year and he was awesome, and he did some work with difficult child too. school stuff is making me wish i hadn't moved. they are sooo difficult here. i swear they heard me request a strong male EA so they sent me as much the opposite as they could. and i know a strong woman could do the job, i do it at home and out if necessary. i also thought he might listen better to a male because husband is a really **** male role model for difficult child because he has no patience and he'd rather play WOW