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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by missyk33, Nov 28, 2008.

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    Hi I am new here. My daughter was diagnosed in October with ODD. The meltdowns she has had would make anyone hide their heads in shame. A lot of times we cant go anywhere because we never know if she is going to have a meltdown. She has been hospitalized 3 times and is facing the judge from when she hit, spit and pushed me the last of September. She cant understand why I wont drop the charges. She was punished since she had to spend 5 days in JH and then a week in Residential Treatment Center (RTC). That was when she was finally diagnosed.
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    Hi there. ODD is an awfully vague diagnosis. It rarely stands alone. Can you tell us more about your daughter, including her early development and if psychiatric problems or substance abuse run on either side of her family tree? What brought her to this point? How old is she? Is she using drugs or drinking? On any medication? Does she understand how to socialize with peers? Ever had a neuropsychologist evaluation?
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    I'm just adding my welcome, hope you find this site a great place of support.
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    Welcome! :)

    You should add in a signature at the bottom like we all have, with your child's age and other info so we can get to know you better.

    I'm sorry you need us yet glad you found us!!!
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    Looking forward to knowing you better. hugs, ML
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    adding my HI and welcome!
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    Adding my welcome!
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    Welcome to our little world.Just like I was told when I joined/You are not alone.Please read my initial post and I think you will know that you have people just like you who are struggling with difficult decisions and challenges.Feel free to vent/we are all good listeners. :D
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    Welcome, I am also dealing with a young lady difficult child (she is 15) Compassion