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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Kjs, Mar 19, 2009.

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    I have a very old desktop that is super, super slow. Doesn't work very well. So - on February 15th I bought a laptop. A toshiba. On sale.

    I bought a wireless router everything was great. Came home yesterday. Picked up the Laptop and it won't boot up. Called Toshiba and they said I have to bring it to a toshiba dealer, closest is 30 miles away. Called them and they say atleast two week turn around. GRRRRR.

    worst time. I was planning for the first time to do my taxes on the computer. Turbo tax. Also Finals for third quarter is next friday and difficult child uses the laptop.

    I am SO ticked off.
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    That really stinks.
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    Ask if they have a loaner for you while they have it for 2 weeks.
  4. Star*

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    kjs -

    Call and ask for a customer RETENTION specialist - and just keep asking for someones boss - their boss, their boss et al.

    Most stores will honor an exchange if within 30 days - but if not call Toshiba and tell them YOU NEED THEM to send you a box, packing etc....and a mail sticker that your post man can just pick the box up outside the door.

    I really would not take this -

    Also do a little homework and check with consumer reports - maybe you don't want this one back.
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    I called Toshiba yesterday and they gave me a "certified dealer" but it is 30 miles away. Either that or I mail it to Kentucky.

    Best Buy won't take it back. Said we have to call Toshiba.

    I drove to the dealer this morning. He said it looks like the hard drive went out. He said they can replace the hard drive but won't set it up. NO operating system. SAid I have to use my recovery disk and set everything up myself. ???

    I did NOT get a recovery disk!!! Best Buy said to call Toshiba. I did. They said, "I am sorry, you need to make your OWN recovery disk. It is on the Hard Drive" HELLO...I do NOT have a hard drive. They said, sorry.

    I went off. Told them I want my money back. I am not paying all this money for a Laptop that lasts 30 days and then have a useless Laptop with NO operating system.
    Still, sorry. Asked for boss, then boss. Finally they agreed to send me a recovery disk. Two weeks. Now I'll have to PAY someone to set it up AGAIN.

    I just can't seem to get out from under this cloud. Need some sunshine!
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    Sounds like what husband went thru with circuit city and his lap top. We didn't have the money to send it off. I made husband go back to cincy to the store. husband didn't get an exchange, but store took care of sending laptop back and making sure it worked properly. No out of pocket at all for us. And husband had his laptop back in a week.

    Now, bare with me, this is my own technique and it normally works quite well.

    Very politely attempt to return the lap top. (they'll refuse) Ask to see the manager. (he'll still refuse) At this point begin to get very LOUD in how you've just bought this machine, that it isn't even 30 days....and now it doesn't WORK.....and YOU have to deal with the computer co instead of the STORE that SOLD it to YOU. Get louder as you're repeating the senerio to the store manager. The more customers who stop and stare, the better. (go at a busy time for the store) The store manager, if he has half a brain is going to attempt to get you to go somewhere out of range of now listening customers. Refuse to budge......and repeat loudly why you're not moving and then add that maybe the customers need to know that if they buy a ***** computer here it will fall all on them if the thing doesn't work when they get it home.

    Be polite but LOUD, be dramatic, put emotion into it. Draw attention to yourself.

    Now unless store manager is brain dead.......this will work. He'll stumble all over himself to find a solution that works for you. Why? Because any customer that has walked into the store during your "scene" to buy a computer is at least now having 2nd thoughts and he doesn't want to chance losing their business.

    IF manager is brain dead, HE has a boss. Demand the district manager's phone number. It's best to call while in the store, but you can also call at home. IF he is also brain dead.......get his bosses number and do the routine again.

    This happened to my friend at walmart with a brand new e machine. All she did was take it home and attempt to set it up. It didn't even turn on. She used my tachnique. Since our walmart store manager is brain dead, she had to go to district manager level. The same day she even exchanged her e machine for a more expensive HP computer (only model they had available, she'd bought the last e machine) that actually worked with apologies from the store manager thrown in for good will.

    99 percent of the time this routine works. At this point you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. And it makes the 30 mile trip worth it.