New local program :) 'bout time !!!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by JJJ, Mar 2, 2012.

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    Our Special Education coop just signed a 15 year contract with one of the local schools. They have rented the entire lower floor and will be investing almost $2 million to renovate the space to create a "therapuetic school within a school". Five classrooms, two crisis rooms and two seclusion rooms plus locker rooms, therapy rooms and an office. The place is being designed to withstand difficult child-rages!! They will have their own administrator and function independent of the school 'upstairs' but for kids who are ready for some mainstreaming opportunity, they can integrate into their mainstream classes.

    It has been a long road from them trying to maintain Tigger in a mainstream room to the creation of a single therapuetic classroom to an actual, focused therapuetic setting (grade 1-6) in our local community.

    (Of course, Tigger is doing so well that he is ...hopefully...transitioning out of the therapuetic program for next year!)
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    All RIGHT!!!

    Send them our way when they're done, eh?
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    YAY! Too bad it's a bit too late for you, but still great news to hear!
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    Good news for your community!