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difficult child's need to choose: they can either be a difficult child or they can be a teenager full of typical teen behavior. They should not be allowed to do both at the same time. :faint:


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<span style='font-size: 14pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #663366"> well i've met some pretty d@mn scary typical teen's in my time.....with-a difficult child the behaviors might not be such a shock to the parents' system :hammer: :hammer: :hammer: :hammer:.

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I like that rule! My easy child has such yucky typical teen behavior that I am dreading when difficult child gets there!


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It's so funny that I just read this, becuase I JUST posted in the general discussion forum about how I felt regarding this typical teen behavior. For us, we have only seen typical teen behaviors rear their head twice in the four months our difficult child has been with us. The first time I was still so caught up in her difficult child-ness that I barely noticed. But this time it caught my attention, and my first thought was: PROGRESS!!! FINALLY something NORMAL that we can HANDLE!! Maybe I am really in for it, becuase if I view that as progress, it could be scary to think of what might happen next huh????

For someone who has raised 2 through the typical teen stage and survived, LOL, I totally agree. I wanted also to add that typical teen's do seem to learn the first, well maybe second time from horrible typical teen stuff. But, I am guessing, not quite there with Aly but envisioning it as I am typing, that difficult child's do not or are not capable of learning that first or second time. It is that MAJOR impulse control deficit that will get my Aly into trouble if she is not "micro-managed".

When I hear parents of typical teen or "Perfect children" complain about dirty towels on the floor, or staying out 1/2 hour after curfew, sometimes I want to bop them one! I just smile and say, "ya, that's too bad" or something equally lame! What I really want to say is "OMG, do you have ANY idea what I put up with day in and day out and still manage to stay a tiny bit sane?!?!?!?"

Sorry, didn't mean to spin out on this! LOL!!

Interesting topic Heather, thanks for posting!