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    good morning,

    shocked is what I am, went up with-difficult child this a.m. to the school to change her schedule (she was in a team with-no one she knew at all) and asst. principal helped immediately, changed her schedule, gave her weekly therapy and added to 504, assisted me with-setting up a team mtg. to meet with-all her new teachers in a few days to get everyone on board, sent woman from his office to walk her to homeroom, assisted me with-alerting nurse about difficult child.

    words cannot describe. like day and night with-her old elementary school. I think between support she'll get there, me still at home here, school only a block from the house, and a hopefully new pyschdoc on board she'll have a fighting chance. rest is up to her.

    She was up till 3 a.m. last night, i gave up and laid with-her she needed it. got her up at 6 a.m. had to pull her out of bed and literally drag her into the shower to wake her up, we ran late because she began to fall asleep in there. Yet late worked for today because i knew we were heading up to office first.

    so, today she has to work old schedule, and today after i pick her up we'll meet up in office and do new schedule for tmrw. which will at least begin her day with-a few familiar faces, her step brother, etc.

    Her anxiety was soo bad this morning and last night, just kept working with-her to bring it down. i honestly wasn't sure if she'd make it out the door today. thought it would be a replay of last year. yet that silly locker of her's that i helped her decorate prior to school helped believe it or not. knowing her mirror, brush, stickers, etc. were in there helped me get her out the door.

    one shakey moment when she began to cry in office, and than after homeroom she had a teacher walk her back down to office.

    we'll see how the day goes, i'd love to sleep yet i want to be prepared incase she winds up in nurses office today and i get that call. she might not go there because even though i showed her where it is she's unsure of the bldg. :)

    hope anyone else's whose difficult child started first day today goes well
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    MUCH better!

    I know it will work out.

    I would be crying, too, if I only had 3 hrs of sleep. ;)

    I suspect she'll be fine by the end of the week. Fingers crossed!
  3. Jena

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    no doubt. this is huge. we spent since pre k with furniture clinging, crying, begging, late to school, and day spent having anxiety attacks and in and out of nurse, and crying. we'll see what the week brings, just wish the medication thing had worked prior to the onset of school. yet tried a few sleeping pills no good, than last doctor prescribed some medication i didn't feel comfortable with, than i did try and ssri as last ditch effort yet after a few days and watching that mania present i pulled it.

    first time in long time i can see some light. didn't have support in last school just a whole lotta arguments and me planting and pyschoeducating them.
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    WOW!!! This is AWESOME AND WONDERFUL!!! I remember all the grief at the old school. I am glad that the staff is very willing to help you both!

    I have one thing to say. You have GOT to start doing what parents of infants do. SLEEP anytime you can. Let the other stuff go and when you have been up with her until 3 am, as soon as she is in school GO TO BED AND GO TO SLEEP. WHether you get 5 hours or 30 minutes, it is still more sleep than you had before. Unless you start doing this you are not going to start feeling better yourself. You also won't be able to handle her and the other kids after school. Yes, you may get called. But you need whatever sleep you can grab.

    I really hope that they are helpful all year, and that she has a great experience at this new school. Hugs.
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    susie yea i know right?? like night and day between other school. that was torture. difficult child's the same though, giving me hell tonight refusing to sleep carrying on. i'm like kid cry yourself to sleep if you need to because if i dont' get sleep trust me you will not be happy! i'm sooo tired. i sat on couch with-her after school for a few minutes and passed out for an hr sitting up lol. i never do that.

    i can't sleep like you said logic would say to do that you are soo right yet i can't. i'm a light sleeper since i've had her. i try my best to calm myself after drop off yet i'm so nervous to lay down becaues if i do i know i'l be down for count thru pick up time. so i stayed busy cleaned house folded laundry. our little house has taken a beating this summer with-5 kids in it.
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    glad to hear this school is sounding so supportive. Hopefully, as the days progress, difficult child will be less anxious and things can settle a little.