New to site and need help understanding acronyms

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Mominator, Jan 28, 2015.

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    I don't want to come off as foolish, but I have no idea what difficult child, D H, T T, etc. means. I tried to do a search of the site for a list of acronyms used here, but only found descriptions of the characteristics used to sort our kids into the different categories, i.e. difficult child vs T T. Would someone please point me to a list where the acronyms are defined?
    Thank you.
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    Never mind. Thanks. I found it.
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    Welcome Mominator! Love the name!! Introduce yourself when you are ready!
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    Thank you Wiped Out. Does the signature introduce us, or should I go onto one of the forums? I tried to add a signature, but got the message I need to meet some qualifications first. One of those is someone needs to like one of my posts.
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    Welcome Mominator :)
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    Welcome. You are free to tell us your story for our layperson/mom feedback, if you wish. And you don't have to either. You said on another forum you are an adoptive parent. So am I, but my kids are all grown now and none are DNA related. I also have one biological son who has been my biggest problem always, but, of late, seems to be improving...for him. You know what I mean already, and you're new :) difficult children improve in their own way, in their own time.

    I have adopted six kids. Four of the adoptions worked out. One child was too dangerous to live in a family (long story). My other was in an orphanage in another country until age six and he was fine as a child, but left us as an adult. Three of my adopted kids are the loves of my life and the apples of my eye and one has my precious grandaughter. I call her Buddha baby and rub her little head for good luck ;) None of them have yet sought out their bio. family, but they didn't know them either. I did know my youngest ones birthparents pretty well and her birthmother is pretty awesome...I wish she had stayed in her life, but she married and had three other kids and her husband wanted to put that behind them...right now Jumper isn't talking about seeing her. My oldest adoptee was adopted from Korea and in this day and age meeting is very possible, but, because she is softhearted, I feel she will wait until my husband and I are gone to do it, although we have repeatedly told her that it would not hurt us and that we'd go with and would love to give her a hug. I have one son adopted from foster care who is on the autism spectrum. I have never met a kinder, sweeter, nicer young man than him and everyone says so. He is twenty-one and almost completely independent and I love him to pieces. My bio. son lives two states away...he has a son and we Skype, but I haven't seen him much. Son has been my biggest problem, except for the the child we adopted who had to leave...that was a nightmare, but he was only with us three years and the adoption was dissolved. He really did some horrible things while living with us and we didn't even know it (stupid, stupid, stupid us)...and our younger kids were afraid of him and did not tell us.

    So I understand adoption and attachment and the ins and outs and even some of the possible outcomes. Maybe we have something in common. However, my kids are older than yours. There are lots of adoptive parents here so feel free to join in and talk if that is what you want to do.

    BIG WELCOME!!!!!!!!!! :teethy:
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    Thank you Confused. :)
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    Welcome to the site and love your name! My difficult child calls me that!

    Looks from your signature that you truly have your hands full. Glad that you found our site.

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    Thank you. That's where I got my name too, from one of my kids.
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    Thank you MWM for the welcome and the introduction. We haven't dissolved any of the adoptions, but I understand
    Our boys did bad things. By bad, I mean illegal and emotionally and physically hurtful to a member of our household. That's why they are in a Residential Treatment Center.

    I'd like to introduce myself, which forum should I use?