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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by moonangel, Apr 13, 2007.

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    Hello everyone so good to finally be normal, I have been the bad guy for so long don't remeber what its like to be with people who make me normal again lol. Anyway I will try to get this all in te right abbreviations so bare with me,

    I am a full time stay at home mom. Gave up working when my two youngest children became to much for anyone but me to handle.
    I have three wonderful children.

    a husband I couldn't live without.

    easy child is 13 honer roll student by a previouse marriage. And my right hand on most days.

    difficult child 1 Is 9 ADHD/ODD most days is a battle ground beginning at 5:00 am if we slept at all the night before not medication.
    my step son of 5 1/2 years

    difficult child 2 Is 7 ADD/ODD Again a battle ground drawn from the time his eyes fly open. until they close at what ever time.

    over all god made step children because everyone needs someone to love!
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    are they taking any medications? do they have IEPs at school? Oh, sorry, I see the 9 yr old is not on the 7 yr old?
    When were they diagnosis'ed?
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    Hi. You're not the bad We are all used to being blamed, but on here, we know better.

    I have a few questions and a suggestion. First off, can you please post a signature, like I have below?

    Do you have any psychiatric or neurological problems in the family tree on either side? Any substance abuse? Any mood disorders/bipolar? "Quirky" adults who may have undiagnosed Aspergers?

    Who diagnosed the kids? Have they ever seen a neuropsychologist? (I think NeuroPsychs diagnose the best--they actually have lots of testing and do not jump to "snap" diagnosis)? Did a Psychiatrist (with the MD) diagnosis. them? Who is the primary health professional in charge of their care? Often ADHD/ODD is a first diagnosis. when it is really something else. Do ADHD work or not?

    Others will come along. Welcome.
  4. moonangel

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    They were diagnosis'ed in the same year three years ago. neither are on medications right now but we are currently working to get them back on medications they were being treated by there primary and the medications to us were being played with to much both became violent after being treted with adderall and so we oppted out of medications To try behaviour Mod. To date we have had no progress actually if anything it has gotten tons worce. They have a appointment with the P on Thursday. Hopefully we can get this right this time around. Both are in containment schools and on iep's one for speech and one for learning
  5. SomewhereOutThere

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    Okay. If the child actually has early a mood disorder(I don't know if they do) stimulants would make that worse. That's why I asked. If behavioral mod doesn't work, it is unlikely that it's not ODD either, and I've found (from long experience) that Psychiatrists and NeuroPsychs rarely use ODD as a diagnosis.
    I would personally not allow a regular doctor to evaluate a childhood disorder. Our pediatrician won't even go there, as they are not really trained in that. I would ask for a referral to a Psychiatrist (with that MD) or neuropsychologist (my preference). It doesn't sound like treatment for ADHD and ODD is working. You said they are getting worse. It is time for a re-evaluation by a top professional. Again, I prefer NeuroPsychs. My son wasn't evaluated right until we saw one. He did twelve hours of testing, watching, talking to us, read all his records, wrote up a long, long report and basically got my son on the right track with the interventions he needed. His first diagnosis was also ADHD/ODD, but that was wrong. Then he got a bipolar diagnosis. and, in his case, it was also wrong, but he doesn't rage. He is on the high functioning autism spectrum and not on any medications, but he doesn't need any. I would pursue a more updated evaluation with a more credentialed professional--one used to diagnosing children. Good luck :smile:
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    Just wanted to jump in and add my warm "welcome to the board" :biggrin:
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    Both boys have appointment thursday with a Psychiatrist. for a re-evaluation. And things have already gotten worce the youngest sat a bed on fire with someone in it last month. They both have trouble telling the truth about the smallest of things like did you eat lunch at school today. Or did you put your shoes away? They steal from the kitchen but don't eat what they take? like they will go in late at night open a can good and set it back in the shelf. or they will take food and put it under there beds? I don't know why they would take the food we have never had a closed kitchen rule they have always been able to eat not waste anything they wanted. I don't think in four years time we have ever had more than four hours sleep a night. meal time what is that? I think it is a excuse for another battle. Bath time same thing. And bed time oh we won't even go there. There bed time has always been 9:00 but they are never a sleep before 1:00 am
    And even then you don't know that they will stay asleep sometimes they sleep 30 min and then get right back up and go for another 12 or 14 hours. I have even seen them stay up for as long as three days with no sleep. I just don't know what else to try.
  8. SomewhereOutThere

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    Moonangle, in my humble opinion, this is a lot more than ADHD/ODD. Setting fire is common in, say, mood disorder in kids--I'd be looking for that, at least as a rule out. Is there any bipolar or substance abuse in the family? If it's BiPolar (BP), stimulants would make them far worse and no medications at all can also accelerate the disorder. I have BiPolar (BP), and it gets worse with time if the cycling isn't stopped with medications. It's called "the kindling affect." I personally, if it were my kid, would want to try something that stabilizes moods before I'd go with another stimulant, since Adderrall was a disaster. I don't believe regular ADHD/ODD would cause this degree of destruction/anger. This is serious! Does their birthmother have mood or alcohol/drug problems? Mood disorders are hereditary and substance abuse is a red flag for a mood disorder. Not saying that have it...but something's going on. Hugs and good luck.
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    Hi moonangel. :smile:

    From reading what you've described, I was going to suggest that they might benefit from a re-evaluation for a second opinion. It's good to see you have an appointment already. in my opinion of just a mom who's read things LOL, it does sound like you may have more going on than ADHD. Check out the sites that MidwestMom mentioned, they might give you some ideas to mention at your appointment.

    Again, welcome, glad you found us, sorry you had to.
    :flower: :angel: :kisses:
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    *message deleted due to difficult child posting not me*
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    Is that code for something?? LOL!!! OK, I'm confused!
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    I give up Jodyice???????? DDD
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    I wonder if she meant to post, but some little munchkin hit the keys :smile:
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    I have pm'd Jody. There was another poster that had something similar and an email address that I emailed and then deleted the response. I'm not sure if it was a computer glitch or what.

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    Just popping in to add my welcome. Glad you found us-you will find a group of amazingingly supportive people! With two difficult children that go from sunup to sundown you must be exhausted-I hope you are able to find some "me" time to relax. Hugs.
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    Some of the things you are staying up for days at a time and the bad reaction to Adderall makes me think this is more than add. I am glad that you are having another evaluation! It sounds like you are really dealing with a lot!!!
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    have no idea what bm is diagnosis'ed she walked out without a backwards glanse. I have been with the boys since they were 11 mths and 1 1/2 today is another walking disaster and they have only been up since 8:00am they are already fighting and curently in time out thought i would jump on here give my mind somewhere else to go for a bit..... so tired ya know?
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    Me time? what is that? most be a forign languege. lol I haven't been able to get out of the house with out the boys in mths. Now i am having to sleep in the day while they are in school because i am unable to sleep at night due to fear of them setting the house on fire again, So me time has been gone for a long time when they are home and awake it is full time what are you doing stop that quit be quiet find something else for them to do quick going nuts over here is just a small part of the medications i need lol