New type of Special Education


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I know it was talked about on this board before, but there is some new type of Special Education that is suppose to allow services to be given to more children. I remember those on this board were generally not in favor of it.

Does anyone remember what I am talking about? Have any links?



This isn't ringing a bell at all.

Maybe you talking about RTI? RTI is not a new Special Education service. It is a process that sds can you prior to referring kids for evaluation.

There are a couple of threads in this forum that discusses some aspects of RTI.


RTI does not require individual evaluation and is supposed to be delivered to all students who are not making adequate progress. In theory it should be helpful but MOST schools are not prepared to collect the massive amounts of data good RTI requires AND only within Sp Ed does your child acquire a basketful of legal rights that you can use to prevent you child(ren) FROM BEING FORCED OUT OF SCHOOL.

Results on what RTI is going to do are still out but by law, it cannot be used to delay or deny Special Education services NOR is it a substitute for the individual evaluation that is detailed in law.