Newbie. Need basic help, please.

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by deerinheadlights, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. deerinheadlights

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    I need to know what difficult child, husband, all these acronyms mean. I'm new, just discovered this forum and am amazed there's kindred spirits out there. Hate to belong to this club, but grateful already! My jack-jack is bringing me to my knees. We have avoided medications, but are going to try intunive. More when I learn how to do this. Thanks.
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    Welcome aboard. Really glad to welcome you and I'm sure you will be happy to have understanding people. Take you cursor and go below The Watercooler in this forum section and you'll get some guidance. The site is also set up so if you place your cursor on an acronym it will give you the definitions. DDD
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    Click on the "Forums" tab at the top of this page, then scroll down and and look for the "Help and FAQ" thread. All the acronyms are defined there.

    Welcome! Lots of support and understanding here.
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  5. deerinheadlights

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    Thank you! Got it! I am calling my difficult child jack-jack because he reminds me of the baby in the Incredibles movie. He's a lovely 13 year old boy with a heart of gold, but if he gets mad, frustrated, a switch happens and he's jack-jack. In addition, he's lazy, ADHD, lies, very avoidant, has connective tissue disease, scoliosis, pathological fracturing, he of pandas, that's resolved for now, math disability, executive functioning weaknesses and working memory deficits. We have an iep at school, but it isn't helping much. Every day, homework is a nightmare, he forgets everything, and today us being really nice and loving because I took all electronics away and am leaving for a trip to see my family in Switzerland for 10 days.

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  6. Jules71

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    Welcome to the board! Have you started the Intuniv yet?
  7. helpangel

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    Welcome the parents here have helped me more over the years then I could even begin to describe. A suggestion on the homework my youngest has as an accommodation in her IEP 2 sets of textbooks one for class, one for home combined with emails from the teacher she has all the tools she needs at home to complete her work without having to remember book or what the assignment was. Many textbooks are available online also.

    Again welcome you found a soft place to land.