Night and day and bald cats...


Mom? What's a difficult child?
OK so I am still realizing just how different my two daughters are... My diagnosis'd difficult child has always basically listened when she was able to. She was a wonderful toddler etc. She just had obvious (now) issues that she could not control. Well easy child/difficult child 2 is such a diiferent story she is the one that climbs the walls, gets in the toilet, destroys things etc.

So I am in the shower this morning and I come out and here is easy child and our calico Annie laying in my bed together and she is feeding her raisins!!! It was so cute... Fast forward to tonight and difficult child says to me " why is Rainy's fur all over the floor?" I assumed it was because Annie our young crazy cat had been tormenting my big tabby all night and f'ing with her. She was abused as a kitten and is very shy.

So I come out to were Rainy lays around and I see big clumps of fur... so I pick some up and look closer, it is cut straight across??? Like scissors did it!!! So I go into the other room and ask difficult child, who is incapable of lying, she says no, I ask easy child/difficult child 2 she says "yeah" I ask her why and she said " I was trying to get the knots out!"

I had to cut out some knots from Annie's fur 2 weeks ago... ugh. But first of all how the heck did she get this neurotic cat to sit and let her do this to her??? And I was in the room, I was in the kitchen for about 10 minutes without her, is she that sneaky??? That cat loves her... it is pretty funny now that I know the cat is fine, some missing fur, haha.
How does a 2 yo get to be so stealth... little s- -t!!!

So I have one cat eating raisins with my 2 yo and the other letting her cut her hair!!!! This kid is trouble... :hammer:


Mom? What's a difficult child?
Yes I put away all of the scissors... quickly!!! I am learning- still. Never had to do that with difficult child...


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If it's any consolation, our difficult child calico will also sit still for Duckie. I *think* I've convinced Duckie that kitties really don't like wearing hats or crowns even if you bribe them with extra cat food... :hammer: :smile: :rofl:


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I would just be waiting to see what happens with the cat that ate all the raisins! You should be finding out pretty soon! I know what happens when dogs eat raisins and it ain't pretty! :grin:

Another fun morning!!! It's amazing what kids can accomplish in such a short time!!! I think giving Rainy a haircut and feeding Annie raisins is something even my easy child could have done when she was small... Hang in there... Hoping tomorrow is a better day! WFEN


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ANother note. Raisins and grapes are toxic to cats and dogs and should not be fed to them under any circumstances. Onions and garlic in quantity are also poisonous.

Your children should feed NO treats to your pets except under your supervision, just to be on the safe side.

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That's too funny. Poor kitties. :rofl:

When my difficult child was 4 she took mom's dog outside. It was a pure white spitz. It had been raining for days and was muddy outside. difficult child decided the dog needed a mud bath.

She completely covered the dog from head to toe in mud. Then went back in the house.

Mom walked into the living room and screamed. :rofl: She thought difficult child had let a pig in the house. We live in Dallas. There aren't many pigs walking the streets.

The dog then proceeded to wipe herself down all the walls. :rofl: It was a huge mess. I couldn't stop laughing. i literally had tears in my eyes watching my mom chase the dog covered in mud.